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The Boys: Garth Ennis Confirms New Prequel Comic

Do you need something that will make the wait for The Boys Season 2 a little easier? Garth Ennis has just the thing. The mastermind behind the comic book series has just confirmed that he will release a prequel comic that follows an unexpected character.

Ennis recently spoke to The New York Times where he revealed his plans for The Boys: Dear Becky. According to Ennis, the prequel comic book mini-series will explore the story of Becky Butcher (who was renamed Becca in the Amazon show).

"Butcher's wife was someone I enjoyed writing. She was only in two issues of the comics, but cast a very long shadow," Ennis stated. "Her fate ties into all of Butcher's actions."

In the comics, Becky is the reason why Butcher decides to go after The Seven. After being raped by one of the superheroes, Becky becomes pregnant and is killed when she gives birth to the baby.

Of course, this is changed drastically in the show, which revealed Becca to still be alive and is now raising a son that was fathered by Homelander. Although we still have more of Becca to look forward to in the second season, it's still awesome to get to know the woman Butcher loved before the show returns.

The Boys: Dear Becky will be published by Dynamite Entertainment and is set to be published in April. The Boys Season 2 has not yet been given an official release date but is expected to air on Amazon in mid-2020.

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