The Boys Showrunner Hints [SPOILER] May Return Despite Tragic Death

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the events of the third season finale of The Boys. Read at your own risk.


The third season finale of The Boys saw the end of the road for Black Noir, who was killed by Homelander after feeling betrayed that his fellow Supe did not tell him that Soldier Boy is his father. The character's tragic death was mourned by fans as it was a shocking and unexpected turn that they didn't anticipate to happen in the episode.

In a recent interview with TVLine, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke discussed their decision to kill off Black Noir in the season finale which he admitted that it was "scary" because he is aware of how fan-favorite the character is. "But it’s one of those things where you have to let the characters tell you what they’re going to do," he said.


Kripke continued to explain, "It starts to feel fake if you have that level of betrayal, with how unhinged Homelander is, and he just pats him on the back or something like that. You have to let the characters lead the way. It was just so obvious that that’s what [Homelander] would do."


However, despite the character's tragic death, Kripke hinted that he might still return although with some changes, especially on the person behind the mask.

"Here’s what I will say for any Black Noir fans that are mourning his passing: A completely silent masked superhero is super easy to recast," Kripke said. "And there’s a reason they haven’t told the public that Noir is dead. So this is not the last we’ve seen of Noir. This is just the last we’ve seen of that version."


It was sad to see Black Noir die abruptly in the season finale given the expectation that he will face off Solder Boy in the latter part of the episode. However, in the show's true fashion, they decided to kill him off in an unexpected way and it led to one of the show's most tragic moments to date.

As Kripke noted, the fact that Vought did not publicly announce his death says a lot about the character's future in the show. We may have seen the end of Black Noir as we know it, it looks like the character will still show up and we will be expecting a different face behind it perhaps someone who will be more loyal to Homelander.


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The entire third season of The Boys is streaming on Prime Video. You can check the details about the fourth season here.