The Blacklist Season 9: Will We See Dembe Become the Big Bad?

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We've had a considerable time to digest the latest The Blacklist Season 9 cliffhanger, and it naturally leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions. Are the writers really planning to go to Mr. Kaplan with Raymond Reddington and Dembe Zuma? What will the former do now that he knows the latter has betrayed him in a serious way?

Are We Laying the Groundwork for a Fierce Duel?

We should start by stating clearly that we do not want to watch these characters battling each other for the rest of the season. Having said that, we must plan for this and many other possibilities.


If Reddington chooses to go to battle with Dembe over him allegedly delivering Liz the letter before her death, there's one thing he and Mr. Kaplan have in common: Dembe isn't laying low. He's now in the spotlight as a member of the FBI, and he's not going anywhere.

He'll most likely be protected by them as well. Based on what we know so far, he knows all of Reddington's secrets and will have backup in a variety of circumstances. Dembe is realistic enough that he will not behave emotionally; for all of these reasons, he is a dreadful opponent to have.

So, while we believe the writers are hinting at a clash between these characters right now, we don't think the entire season will revolve around this. The Blacklist shouldn't just want to retell a Season 4 storyline with a different character. Plus, if they turn Dembe into a Big Bad, the plot will very certainly need to have an ending.

When Will The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 7 Air?

We don't want another cast member to leave before a possible Season 10! Nothing has been confirmed about this being the final season, so we're trying to think ahead as we consider everything.


When we get to Thursday, Jan. 6, the series will be back with new episodes. Between Sleep and Awake is the title of the first episode back, and that word alone suggests that we're in for a different, unorthodox episode than we're used to seeing from this show.