The Blacklist Season 9 Finale Release Date, Spoilers & Update: When Will New Episodes Arrive?

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A lot more is going to happen before we reach The Blacklist Season 9 finale. There are 22 episodes in total in this season, which means there's plenty of room for some exciting twists and turns.

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With that said, there are also concerns about how things will work out in terms of scheduling. Is it true that we won't get any new episodes for the rest of the season?

The Blacklist Season 9 Finale: When Can We Expect New Episodes?


One thing to keep in mind is that everything is liable to change at any given time. We wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait until June for The Blacklist Season 9 finale, but it appears that the entire season will end on Friday, May 27.

In the event the producers decide to give us a two-hour block somewhere along the way, it could even wrap on May 20, before the end of sweeps.

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Given that March Madness is nearing its finish and the Olympics are over, there's no compelling justification for a longer break. The only way it may happen is if the production requires more time to complete everything.

Is The Blacklist Renewed for Season 10?

For the time being, we can revel in the knowledge that Season 10 has already been renewed by NBC. That makes it easy to relax and enjoy The Blacklist Season 9 finale without worrying about what happens to Reddington or some of the other characters.

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How to Watch The Blacklist Season 9 Finale

NBC is one of the four major broadcast networks in the U.S. with a local affiliate station in almost every TV market. Meaning, it's available on almost every traditional cable/satellite pay-TV subscription, as well as all of the major live TV streaming services (such as Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV), and it can even be received the old-fashioned way, via a TV antenna picking up the local station's signal.

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Past seasons of The Blacklist are also available to watch on Netflix.