The Bad Batch: Omega Origin, Force Powers, Gender, Accent, Theories, and Everything You Need to Know About the Star Wars Character

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If you've been keeping up with Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+, then you may have been swept up in all the attention Omega is getting from the fanbase. Omega is the young girl who has accompanied fugitive clones Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and Echo, known collectively as Clone Force 66, as they evade the wrath of a newly born Empire.

With Omega being a new Star Wars character, naturally, there are many questions and theories about who Omega really is. While it's already been revealed that she's an exact copy of bounty hunter Jango Fett, let's get you caught up on all things Omega. So here's everything you need to know about everyone's new favorite clone (sorry, Boba).

The Bad Batch Omega's origin

Bad Batch Omega origin
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It's fair to say that Omega's identity hasn't been entirely shrouded in mystery. We already knew some details about the young girl straight off the bat. She grew up on Kamino, home to the clones and clone engineering, where she worked as a medical assistant to Kaminoan Nala Se. But up until recently, fans had been wondering who exactly Omega was, along with the more low-level details of her origin. While most of it had been already been made obvious through the fact that she's Kaminoan and talks in the signature clone accent, viewers still weren't entirely sure as to her exact origin.

Now, as revealed in "Bounty Lost", after Tech analyzes her DNA, it is revealed that Omega is a young "enhanced human female clone" genetically engineered from the DNA of "host" Jango Fett. In other words, she's a "pure" replication of the bounty hunter, meaning she hasn't been modified for combat like the other clones. This also means that Omega is, technically speaking, the daughter of Jango Fett, and sister of Boba (who was Jango's "adopted" son). This is solidified even more by her name, as Boba was originally codenamed "Alpha" prior to being named by Jango.

Omega's Force powers

Bad Batch Omega Force powers
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Despite the fact that many fans believe Omega to be potentially Force-sensitive – something they tend to wish upon every new character in the franchise – this doesn't appear to be the case. But that doesn't mean Omega hasn't so far displayed some interesting abilities. And after all, we know that Omega is a clone, so there's no reason to suspect she'd have any connections to the Force. That's not to suggest a clone can't be Force-sensitive, though – lest we forget (the forgettable) Supreme Leader Snoke - but there's little evidence to suggest such a thing at this point in the show.

When referring to Omega's natural accuracy in using a blaster, Tech says that "a state of heightened awareness is not unusual for an enhanced clone such as herself". So we know that Omega has "heightened awareness", a genetic advantage that was no doubt built into every clone, regardless of the fact Omega wasn't built for combat (or was she...?). Of course, this doesn't have anything to do with the Force, but it isn't necessarily an ability we've seen in other clones, either. So it's possible we'll see Omega display other abilities in upcoming episodes. But the jury also isn't out on her being Force-sensitive.

The Bad Batch Omega's gender

Bad Batch Omega gender
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Omega is officially the first female clone in the Star Wars universe. This was confirmed in "Bounty Lost" when Hunter explained to Omega that she is a "pure clone" modeled off original clone Jango Fett (Boba Fett's father – or "donor", as The Mandalorian's Bo-Katan, would provocatively put it). What this means for the rest of the Star Wars timeline beyond The Bad Batch is unknown, but we do know that Omega is just as sought after as Grogu is in The Mandalorian, because of invaluable genetic properties (though we know that Baby Yoda's value was due to his Force abilities).

The fact that Omega is female, though, might be of little relevance, especially considering the Kaminoans already have the capabilities to genetically replicate living beings. On the other hand, the fact she's a girl might be of vast importance, considering she is the only girl out of the entire clone army, as a result of extreme genetic mutation. She's also uncharacteristically blonde, and the last time we checked, Jango wasn't rocking golden locks in Attack of the Clones, nor was he female. We smell something Mon Calamari going on here…

What is Omega's accent?

Bad Batch Omega accent
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You needn't be a (real) worldly traveler to recognize Omega's accent, and as a Star Wars fan, you'll probably recognize it from within the faraway galaxy itself. She has the same accent as the clones – whether it's the Clone Troopers, the Bad Batch, or the likes of Jango Fett and Boba Fett. In the Star Wars universe, this accent is technically Kaminoan, though it's odd that the Kaminoan species themselves don't share the accent, so it's most probably a ‘clone' thing. Either way, though she has a ‘New Zealand' accent, this, of course, isn't the correct term for a faraway galaxy inhabitant.

The most logical origin story for Omega's accent is that clone zero Jango Fett's accent simply ‘rubbed off' on all the other clones that were raised around him. However, outside the fictional universe – that would be here, in the real world – the choice to give every clone a New Zealand accent started in the prequel trilogy, as a way to remain consistent with the actor who portrayed Boba Fett in the original trilogy (the late Jeremy Bulloch). Since the prequel trilogy, shows like The Clone Wars, Rebels, and now The Bad Batch has admirably followed this down to every individual clone.

The Bad Batch Omega theories

Bad Batch Omega theories
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Following "Bounty Lost", there are now many theories circulating about the first female clone in the faraway galaxy. Star Wars fans really do love speculating, and there are many proposed backstories – or even ‘future' stories – circulating within the fan-sphere. It goes without saying that some of them relate to Emperor Palpatine and Snoke – two characters that have enjoyed plenty of speculation in recent years. However, while the beans have been spilled on Omega's origin, the fact she's still highly sought after may still contain its own mysteries.

Omega has been the target of a few bounty hunters, including Fennec Shand and Cad Bane. Bane's employer is Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su, who wants to extract a sample of Omega's DNA so that he can create more clones like Jango Fett, a new generation closest to the purest clone, which he believes would restore the Empire's faith in the clone army. But Omega's guardian of sorts, Nala Se, intercepted these efforts and hired Fennec Shand as a helping hand.

But a new theory has emerged, after a scene in "Bounty Lost" in which Omega is caught up in a fight between Fennec Shand and Cad Bane, at an old cloning facility on Bora Vio. When one of the tubes smashes during the fight, a long since dead clone falls out. While the body appears to be that of a Kaminoan – slender with long features and a large, round bald head – it also looks a lot like Snoke, whom we know to be a clone, after that eye-rolling revelation in The Rise of Skywalker.

Now, Omega accompanies Clone Force 99 on their missions as they evade the Empire. While some questions have already been answered, one remains: Will she meet any other bounty hunters on her travels? Well, we'd put all our galactic credits on that brother of hers…

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