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The Bad Batch Brings Back [SPOILERS] and Star Wars Fans Have Mixed Reactions

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Fans were undoubtedly thrilled that Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 has been titled Reunion. After all, this would mean that Clone Force 99 will be reunited with another old friend. However, the episode also brought back a surprise character and it's causing mixed reactions from people.

WATCH OUT! The following contains SPOILERS from The Bad Batch Episode 8 so PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

In Reunion, Lama Su is understandably concerned that Fennec Shand was unable to retrieve Omega from Clone Force 99. The Kaminoan decides to hire a second bounty hunter to bring back the young clone.

The episode then focused on the bigger picture as Crosshair is sent to kill his former team members. At first, it looked like Clone Force 99 would be able to escape Crosshair after he was injured in an engine explosion. However, the team would not be able to leave intact.

Hunter and Omega are confronted by the second bounty hunter who turns out to be Cad Bane. Although his return was initially a happy moment, things immediately went sour for viewers as Bane shoots Hunter and takes Omega away.

There is little doubt that Bane is just doing what he's paid to do. On the other hand, people freaked out over his actions. Luckily, it is later revealed that Hunter survived and he is taken away by the other members of the Bad Batch. Let's just hope they will be able to find Omega before it's too late.

We're still happy that Bane is back and that he didn't kill Hunter. We're looking forward to seeing more of Bane next week.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 is now streaming on Disney+.


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