Tammy Slaton Shock: 1000-Lb Sisters Star Jealous Of Amy Or Did Younger Sibling Abandon Her?

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Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton have a very difficult relationship in the last season of 1000-Lb Sisters. It even came to a point when Amy said she didn't want to talk to her older sister because it would only end in a bad argument. However, their relationship wasn't really that contentious at the start.

Tammy Slaton And Amy Slaton Before TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters

Tammy and Amy were YouTube sensations before they scored a reality show on TLC. Amy launched her YouTube channel in 2011, featuring her sister Tammy in some of her videos. She usually shared lighthearted videos of them together.


Their video doing the chubby bunny challenge catapulted them to fame with over two million views and counting.

In the clip, both can be seen laughing as they do the challenge together. Tammy defeated Amy and the latter admitted it.

"I lost," Amy said and Tammy chimed in "big time." "Twice," Amy continued before jokingly adding, "I'm no good. Tammy's got the big mouth."

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The siblings looked happy and they didn't bicker.

However, their relationship has changed over time. Several praised Amy for the positive changes they noticed in her and many slammed Tammy because of her difficult attitude.

"tammy getting on my nervessssss attitude nastyyyyyyyy #1000lbSisters," one tweeted.


"I enjoy the show #1000poundsisters because as a heavy person, I admire people attempting to better themselves. But I have to say, and this has nothing to do with physical appearance, Tammy Slaton is a disgusting human being. Nasty attitude. No appreciation for anyone. Disgusting," another added.

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Tammy Slaton And Amy Slaton's Relationship In 1000-Lb Sisters

In TLC's announcement, their reality show follows the siblings' weight loss journey. It was titled 1000-Lb Sisters because Amy weighed 406 lbs and Tammy was 605 lbs.

In the first season, both have the same goal — to lose weight and qualify for bariatric surgery. Amy wanted to lose weight because she wanted to have a family with her new husband but had trouble getting pregnant due to her weight. Tammy wanted the same thing because she needed help with daily tasks.

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They were each other's support system. They used to motivate each other to keep going. However, when the first season ended only Amy achieved their shared goal. According to some netizens, Amy's victory marked the time Tammy turned against her. Some felt that Tammy got jealous of Amy's achievement.


"Once Amy has announced she's having the surgery without Tammy... you can see Tammy deteriorate from there," one Reddit user said.

"It’s sad seeing the sisters going opposite ways. I do believe Tammy feels left behind," another fan added.

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Meanwhile, some fans speculated that Tammy was upset because she felt abandoned. Amy's priority shifted after she welcomed her son, Gage. However, the fan said Tammy should understand that her sister's priority is her own family.

One netizen shared that Amy and Michael have been supportive of Tammy and the latter doesn't even recognize her. The online user also called Tammy selfish and lucky to still have Amy by her side.

"Tammy isn’t Amy’s child or priority she has her family that come[s] first," the user added. "Tammy needs to accept that only her and her alone can do this and stop blaming everyone else when she fails."

In one TikTok video, Tammy said, "Amy is not the blessing yall think she is. At least not all the time."


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Even if Tammy has a lot of critics, the TLC star also has tons of supporters too. Many of them are excited to see her transformation after her rehab stint. According to her brother, Chris, she already lost 115 lbs after 30 days in rehab.

Amy said Tammy lost her home after paying for the pricey rehab. She said her older sister would be staying with them temporarily when she returned from rehab.

TLC has not renewed 1000-Lb Sisters for another season yet after Season 3's finale aired in January. So, stay tuned and we will keep you posted about Tammy Slaton, Amy and their reality show.

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