Tammy Slaton Heartbreak: 1000-Lb Sisters Stars' Partying and Drinking Put Herself In 'Severe Danger' Amid Depression Battle, Doctor Says

Credit: TLC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TLC/YouTube Screenshot

Tammy Slaton said that she is battling depression and has decided to stop her weight loss efforts. However, her recent decisions got her bariatric surgeon worried as shown in the season finale of 1000-Lb Sisters.

1000-Lb Sisters Stars Tammy Slaton Stops Weight Loss Effort, Gets Her Doctor Worried

Tammy Slaton has been partying in the previous episodes of 1000-Lb Sisters. She has been eating unhealthy food, drinking and vaping while on oxygen. In a preview for the season finale, Dr. Eric Smith stopped at Tammy's house to check on her and they talked.

According to the 35-year-old TLC star, she has been battling mental health and depression. She feels it worse alone. That's why probably Tammy has been partying with her friends. She admitted that she needed a break from diets and relationships.

When asked what she had been doing lately, she said "mostly partying" and added, "I don't want a lecture." The doctor ensured her that he won't because he couldn't just come to her house and lecture her.

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Smith prodded for more details about her partying and Tammy told him that she has been smoking, drinking and vaping. Smith asked how much she's drinking and Tammy smiled while saying, "eight bottles a week." The surgeon told Tammy "that's a lot."

Dr. Smith said he was worried for Tammy because her partying habits are "putting her in severe danger." While he is supportive of Tammy working on her depression, the surgeon believed she was not doing any progress with her unhealthy lifestyle of partying and drinking.

"So I'm a little concerned that she's actually just using that as an excuse to buy her more time to not work on her activity level, making some changes in her diet, or anything further than that," Dr. Smith added.

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1000-Lb Sisters Stars Tammy Slaton Talks About Self-love

In a previous episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton's partying lifestyle was documented. Apparently, her family, including her sibling, Amy Slaton, disapproved of it. However, Amy knew Tammy so well that she didn't want to confront the latter because it would only end up in a bad argument.

When the producer asked Tammy about her partying, given that she was supposed to work on her weight to qualify for bariatric surgery, she said reasoned out that it was for "self-love."

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"I am trying to do self-love. Trying to fall in love with myself again. Find happiness within myself," she explained.

An insider who claimed to know Tammy told The Sun that she admitted herself into a rehab facility to get help. Tammy was reportedly aiming to stay there until summer because she has a goal. The tipster added that she is doing it for herself and is even paying for it.

The season finale of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs Monday, Jan. 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

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