Tammy Slaton Heartbreak: 1000-Lb Sisters Star Claps Back At Critics Questioning Her Efforts To Live A Healthy Life

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Tammy Slaton is trying her best to take good care of her health. However, the 1000-Lb Sisters star felt that some critics are holding her down while she works on doing great. So, she asked her "true fans" to give her some credits and acknowledge her efforts.

1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Asks Fans To Give Her Credit After Receiving Backlash

Tammy Slaton knows what she wants and is making efforts to improve her health. In fact, in the finale episode of 1000-Lb Sisters Season 3, her brother Chris shared that she returned to a rehab facility after her major health scare. Tammy has already lost 115 pounds in just 30 days.


Tammy is active on social media and has been sharing videos on TikTok. However, some critics seemed not to take her efforts seriously just because she appears to be enjoying in her videos on social media.

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"Honestly, if she doesn’t care about taking care of herself, let her put herself in her grave," one commented per Showbiz CheatSheet. "Only so much you can do."

The TLC star has had enough of the backlash and claps back at her critics. In a since-deleted post reposted by a fan on TikTok, Tammy slammed those who criticized her.

“I don’t care about my health?” she replied on the comment directly questioning the netizen. “I wish y’all would give me some credit.”

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She continued, "Honestly, I’m trying. But y’all just wanna keep holding me back. How the f--k do you expect me to win? How the f--k do you expect somebody to do great and be great if y’all keep holding me down?"


The reality star admitted that she made mistakes in the past mentioning the second and third chances that she blew off. "Y’all say you’re true fans, but true fans would ride or die," she added.

Tammy's friend and sister Amy both confirmed that she is paying for the pricey rehab. Apparently, she is determined this time to lose weight and end her food addiction struggles.

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1000-Lbs Sisters Tammy Slaton Addresses Tracheotomy Tube In Her Neck

In some TikTok videos, the tracheotomy tube inserted in Tammy's neck is visible. According to her, doctors put it in her neck because "they wanted an open airway in case I got sick again."

Tammy also shared why she got mad and addressed the praises her sister Amy received. Several netizens appreciated Amy's effort in helping Tammy and putting up boundaries. In one episode when Tammy was partying and drinking, Amy said she understood why Tammy was doing it because she didn't have the chance to do it when she was younger. However, she would not confront her older sister because it would only end in a "bad argument," and it's Tammy's choice to make good decisions for herself, not her.

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"Amy’s not the blessing y’all think she is — at least not all the time," Tammy said.

Meanwhile, Tammy concluded her post by letting her critics know that their opinions do not matter.

"The jokes on y’all. I’m using all y’all’s hate to thrive. Now you know why I keep posting videos. Because I don’t care what all y’all think," she wrote.

TLC hasn't announced if it will renew 1000-Lb Sisters for another season after its finale last month. So, stay tuned for more news and updates about Tammy Slaton and her show.

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