Tammy Slaton Health: Fans Worried About 1000-Lb Sisters Star Vaping While On Oxygen Machine

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Tammy Slaton sparked health concerns when the viewers noticed in a recent episode of 1000-lb Sisters vaping while on an oxygen machine. The TLC star has to lose weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. However, in the recent episode, she seemed to not mind what she was eating.

Tammy Slaton Has Been Partying In 1000-Lb Sisters

In the recent episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton sparked health concerns because she was supposed to look after her health and lose weight. However, she opted to party with her friends and was even caught on camera vaping while on an oxygen tank when they were inside the car.


When Tammy and her friends arrived at her home, they drank and eat pizza. In the confessional, she explained why they eat unhealthy food.

"We don't eat healthy, cause for me, if I eat something like pizza or pizza rolls the bread soaks up the alcohol and the grease helps so we don't get too hungover," she said per The Sun.

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1000-Lb Sisters Viewers Furious At Tammy Slaton

The viewers of the TLC reality knew Tammy Slaton's health struggle, so they were not happy seeing her new lifestyle. Some were so furious that they wanted the network to just cancel the show because she doesn't focus on her health.

"The show needs to be canceled. She is not taking her health seriously. Even from the clips, I’ve seen I feel like we’re watching her die," one commented.

"Vaping while on oxygen?? Make it make sense!" another added.


"How you vaping with the oxygen on your nose! She does not care about her life," a third added.

Meanwhile, some slammed her companion. For them, they were not real friends because they tolerated Tammy's unhealthy behavior.

"They aren’t friends. They are users and enablers. Tammy, you need to be off tv and social media so you can focus on getting well. Nobody wants to see you not try!" one concerned fan wrote.

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Tammy's Sister Amy Also Concerned Of Her

In a new clip, Tammy's family members expressed concerns over her new lifestyle. Her younger sister Amy said she understood what Tammy was doing.


"She never got to live her 20s," Amy said.

However, she also admitted that she wasn't happy about what Tammy was doing. However, she decided not to confront her sibling because "It's Tammy choice to make good choices, not mine." She also added that confronting Tammy would only end up in a "bad argument."

When Tammy was asked what she was doing with herself, she said she was "trying to do self-love" and being happy. Amy agreed with self-love but reminded her sister that there are other outlets to explore to feel loved.

Tammy asked her what else she could do and sensing that they would argue if she pushes her idea, Amy said, "I don't know."

"You do it your way, I'll do it mine," Tammy added.

But Amy tried again by telling Amy she should avoid alcohol because it could lead to more health problems like kidney failure. However, Tammy rejected it saying, "I don't need lecture."

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