Succession Season 3 Episode 7: Something Weird is About to Go Down in Too Much Birthday

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Credit: HBO/YouTube Screenshot

Fresh off of the latest episode of the hit HBO show as the Roys sat down to hand-pick the future leader of America and the future of Waystar to boot, the outcome will undoubtedly have ramifications in Succession Season 3 Episode 7. Here’s what went down and what to expect in Too Much Birthday.

Episode 6: Quick Recap

The race for the White House came down to three candidates: Jeryd Mencken, Rick Salgado, and Connor Roy, who unlike the first two received no endorsements whatsoever

Shiv made a desperate case for Salgado because he leaned more to the center and, more clearly, because he offered to make her the future Waystar CEO if he was elected. She was pushed to abandon her views and pose for a family photo backing Mencken, the chosen candidate.

Roman eventually won Logan over with Mencken because his nasty political rhetoric was provocative enough to increase ATN's viewing figures.

Kendall approached Tom with an offer that could help him escape incarceration, which he is becoming increasingly concerned about, but he couldn't bring himself to go against Logan considering their family history.

Too Much Birthday Predictions

There’s plenty to speculate about in light of recent events, so let’s get right to it:

What will Shiv do now that she has been completely and utterly undercut again? Her long-term ambition remains the CEO position at Waystar, but it's clear she'll never get it, and What It Takes was the most emotional we've ever seen her. Is she being alienated from the Roys?

Will Tom reconsider Kendall's offer as a result of this?

Despite having agreed to take on Greg's charges if Kendall brings him to the Department of Justice because it wouldn't make a difference at this stage, watching Greg being carried aloft by screaming alt-right types is likely to strike a gap between them.

If Tom senses Shiv is becoming increasingly disillusioned with her father's methods and the prospect of her becoming CEO, there's a significant probability the two of them may defect to Team Kendall.

Is it safe to assume that the Roys have made up their minds on Mencken? Will Episode 7 be about totally endorsing him and praying that nothing happens to jeopardize his candidacy? Was there any homoeroticism between him and Roman, as well?


Nonetheless, how safe is Team Kendall right now? Even with Lisa Arthur, there were some holes in the case. He'll be lost without her, which raises the question of whether he'll seek new legal counsel or simply tuck his tail and slither back to Arthur.

Where, When To Watch Succession Season 3 Episode 7

Too Much Birthday will air on HBO on Nov. 28, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET.

With a subscription, it will also be available on HBO Max, where previous episodes and seasons will be available on demand.

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