Succession News & Updates: Brian Cox Reflects on Shocking Early Exit

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Credit: HBO/YouTube Screenshot

Succession fans were left stunned and bereft when the show's latest season aired its third episode, featuring the untimely demise of Brian Cox's character, Logan Roy.

In a recent interview, Cox candidly expressed his initial surprise and mixed emotions about the decision, confessing that he believed his character's death occurred "too early" in the season.

"[Succession creator Jesse Armstrong] decided to make Logan die, I think ultimately too early," Cox revealed. He further elaborated on his peculiar feelings, stating, "I mean, he'd made him die in the third episode... It was an odd feeling."

The Emmy-winning actor initially viewed the unexpected twist as a form of rejection but later came to terms with it, acknowledging his acceptance of the storyline while still feeling a slight sting of rejection.

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Acceptance and Appreciation

Amidst his introspection, Cox humorously remarked, "I felt a little bit, 'Oh, all the work I've done. And finally I'm going to end up as a New Yorker on a carpet of a plane'." However, he did not entertain the idea of requesting changes to the scene or postponing Logan's demise.

Cox confidently asserted, "There's no point going down that road, especially with somebody like Jesse because he's already made a plan."

Although Cox grappled with mixed feelings about his character's early departure, he spared no praise for the remarkable scene itself.

"It was a great scene," he acknowledged. Interestingly, Cox chose not to watch his character's death, asserting that he had no personal interest in doing so. He commented, "My own death will come soon enough. But I just thought, 'Wow,' you know, [Armstrong] did it brilliantly. It was a brilliant scene, the whole act."

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Could Logan Roy Still Be Alive?

Amidst discussions about Logan's early exit, Cox raised a captivating theory that left fans speculating about the series finale. Could Logan Roy still be alive?

Cox proposed an intriguing scenario, suggesting that Logan might have faked his death to observe the ensuing chaos and evaluate his children's behavior in his absence. However, he emphasized that this was merely a supposition, quelling any expectations of a miraculous return from beyond the grave in the upcoming finale.

As fans eagerly await the highly anticipated conclusion of Succession, Brian Cox's insightful reflections and speculation on his character's shocking exit have only heightened the intrigue surrounding the show's fourth season.


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