Street Woman Fighter Stirs Criticisms Over Show's Latest Results; Leaves Fan Disappointed

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PROWDMON eliminated on Street Woman Fighter
Credit: Mnet TV

Street Woman Fighter who placed their beats on PROWDMON were left surprised after the team was sent home immediately.

Since the beginning, the dance team earned support from fans, especially because of their member, Monika. The team members' visuals and skills also made them better than the other groups.

PROWDMON had been one of the most competitive dance crews on the show. Thus, the recent disqualification of the group led the viewers to slam Street Woman Fighter creators and the production team.

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Street Woman Fighter Fans Expressed Disappointment Over 'Unfair Treatment'

Street Woman Fighter crew PROWDMON
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Credit: Mnet TV
PROWDMON's last day on Street Woman Fighter

After PROWDMON was immediately sent home, fans took their dismay online and questioned the team's disqualification. They questioned the show's decision not to let them do a final dance-off like how it did to the previous crews.

According to fans, they thought that Monika and her team would be the winner of the show. However, the opposite happened instead.

Despite the elimination, some fans offered positive messages to PROWDNOM and told everyone how they did well.

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One fan wrote on Twitter, "prowdmon got eliminated but lets never forget about how passionate monika is about her job as a dancer and her goal of joining this show; to help the public be aware about the dancing scene and appreciate the dancers more."

"i think prowdmon is too good for street woman fighter, the thing about this show is only which performance able too excite the judges and audiences the most, but art that monika belives is way more than that," another added.

PROWDMON was eliminated together with YGX after the Man of Women Mission last week. On Tuesday, the mission's result showed that YGX ranked the lastwith PROWDMON at the 5th. Meanwhile, LACHICA and HOOK were tied at 4th place.

CocaNButter ranked first while HOLYBANG secured second place.

What Truly Happened To PROWDNOM Next On Street Woman Fighter

Following the announcement of the winners, CocaNButter dancers burst into tears. However, the show clarified that the scores from the Global Public Voting were still not included in the first announcement.

After adding the remaining points, Street Woman Fighter announced the final rankings with HOOK standing at 1st place, HOLYBANG at 2nd, and CocaNButter in 3rd place. YGX, LACHICA, and PROWDMON ranked 4th, 5th, and 6th, respectively.

YGX and LACHICA were the only teams eligible to join the elimination round, leaving PROWDMON behind.

Street Woman Fighter will continue to air until it announces the winner on October 26. It will be its ninth and final episode after the series began in August.

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