Star Wars Battlefront II: Anakin Already Receiving His First Nerf

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Anakin Skywalker has finally arrived in Star Wars Battlefront II, and he has proven to be an absolute beast in the battlefield. Since he's a character that just arrived, it was inevitable that they would add some tweaks to him after more people got a chance to play him. Now we have news on his first nerf.

This comes from DICE's Ben Walke:


It doesn't come as a surprise that it was the Heroic Might ability that would receive a nerf. The move had boasted a crazy amount of rage, and could easily have anyone playing as Anakin eliminate a good amount of enemy soldiers. No nerf has been given to his Retribution move though, so players can still have that to look forward to.

With Anakin's arrival this month, DICE is now gearing up for the release of a large-scale game mode in March. The mode was supposed to release alongside Anakin, but the developers have decided that they were going to polish it a bit more as compared to having it release with a huge amount of bugs.

While the launch of Battlefront II was admittedly disastrous, DICE has now fixed all the problems and is now full on working on the live service that was promised to the game. Hopefully, by now, more people are letting go of the stigma and trying the game out.


I'm just crossing my fingers that we get some Episode IX content in the future because though I love the Clone Wars era, I don't want to be stuck with just those updates moving forward. Where's out ‘Ben Swolo' skin, DICE?

Star Wars Battlefront II is now playable for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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