Star Trek Legend William Shatner Celebrates His 92nd Birthday

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Today is the 92nd birthday of Emmy-winning iconic actor William Shatner, who became famously known for bringing Captain James T. Kirk to life since the Star Trek franchise's inception in 1966. Fortunately, the actor is still very active in the entertainment business as he also ventures into other mediums.

Shatner took to Twitter today to celebrate his birthday by thanking his friends and fans for the outpour of greetings that he received on this special day. He also made a Trek-related joke that his age might have been younger if he's in the Mirror Universe.

"Thank you for the wonderful outpouring of love and well wishes for my special day today! If we were in the mirror universe; today would be my 29th Birthday! Let’s go with that!," he tweeted.

Besides playing the iconic Starfleet captain, he also made his mark in his major roles in TV shows such as T.J. Hooker, Boston Legal, and a recurring role in 3rd Rock from the Sun. He also appeared in films such as Miss Congeniality, Free Enterprise, and Osmosis Jones.

The actor also ventured into other entertainment avenues as he also released several recording albums throughout the decades of his career. He has also written books such as TekWar novels and memoirs such as the recently released Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder with Joshua Brandon.

In 2021, Shatner became the oldest person to fly into space when he boarded a Blue Origin sub-orbital capsule flight for around 10 minutes. In a post-interview after the successful flight, Shatner shared his overview effect experience as he witnessed the entire planet during the short trip.

Currently, the actor serves as the host of the hit History Channel documentary series The UnXplained, which has run for four seasons and is waiting for renewal. He also recently competed in the popular reality series The Masked Singer.

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