Space Force Season 3 Update: Will Netflix Renew or Cancel the Steve Carell Series?

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Fans may have binge-watched all the seven episodes of Space Force Season 2 on Netflix. Now, the big question is, will there be Space Force Season 3 or will the show be canceled?

Netflix has yet to renew the series, given that it just dropped on Feb. 18. However, fans can’t help but get a little worried about the future of Space Force Season 3 due to its rating performance and the cut number of episodes.

The Future of Space Force Season 3


The Steve Carell-led series had 10 episodes for its first season. However, the second season was three episodes shorter.

So, what does it mean? Writer Greg Daniels revealed it was due to logistics.

According to What’s on Netflix, the cancellation rumors are quite strong because the second season’s budget was cut. The filming also changed its location.

From Los Angeles, the second season was set to Vancouver to save on costs. There was also a shakeup in the writer’s room.

Daniel’s other show, Upload, under Amazon Prime Videos, was also in production at the time he did Space Force Season 2. So, he admitted the two series were filmed “back-to-back” in Canada.

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"I shot [Upload] actually right before Space Force in Vancouver with a lot of the same crew, which is basically the Upload crew, so I just kind of borrowed that for Space Force," he told Collider.


The cut in budget seemed to suggest that the first season didn’t do quite well, though Netflix still gave it a go. By the looks of it, the future of Space Force Season 3 depends on the rating performance of the second season.

Anyhow, it’s good to note that the second installment receives good reviews compared to the first season. Thanks to the show’s re-angling into the relationships, it got better appraisals, receiving an early 100% from the critics on its release day, per Digital Spy.

Also, renewal usually comes a month or two after the show’s release, so it’s still early to hear the announcement from Netflix.

Space Force Season 3 Possible Plotline

Though there are no words yet about the third season, it is not far from happening if the Season 2 finale is anything to go by. There’s a threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth, so what will the Space Force do?

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Well, aside from singing The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo,” they may try to stop the asteroid and save the world, but it will surely not come easy.


They have to figure out to stop this from destroying the world, just like the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up. Elsewhere, it may reveal how Angela (Tawny Newsome) and Chan’s (Jimmy O. Yang) romance will develop.

Naird (Carell) will also do his best to balance his work and personal lives as he continuously feels under pressure in Space Force Season 3.

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