Final Fantasy VII Remake is Still a Multi-Part Series

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The new teaser for Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake has fans pumped up, especially since it was announced that more information on this game will be revealed in June. That's pretty close and it's clear that something big will be going down in E3, which is getting everyone excited. However, for those hoping that this would just be one game, you're wrong.

In a post from Square Enix, it was re-confirmed that this remake would still be a multi-part series. Or an episodic game, though it might just have sequels rather than numerous short episodes, though details on this have yet to be released. Still, if we get a bunch of well-made Final Fantasy VII episodes that are really good and well-priced, no one will complain.


Still, everything about the game looks fantastic thus far, even if everything we've seen seems to be in the game's early moments. Honestly, fans are going to buy this no matter what since this is a remake of Square Enix's most popular Final Fantasy game. Seriously, how many of their games have this much spin-offs?
Well, there's Kingdom Hearts, but shut up.

New details on the amazing-looking Final Fantasy VII Remake will be revealed this June. Who isn't excited?

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