Song Min Ho Controversy: YG Entertainment Clears the Air About WINNER Member’s Long Hair Amid Military Service

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Credit: Netflix K-Content/YouTube Screenshot

YG Entertainment released an official statement Tuesday, May 30, to address the controversy surrounding Song Min Ho after being seen with longer hair amid his basic military training at his sister, Song Dan Ah's wedding in San Francisco.

Song Min Ho walked his sister down the aisle on May 29 in the United States, surprising many. The agency then cleared the air, explaining that the WINNER member is exempted from basic military training and on leave of absence.

Song Min Ho's Long Hair

The company explained the reason behind the 30-year-old's longer mane despite serving his basic military training.

"Song Min Ho has undergone a screening by the Military Manpower Administration and has been classified as a subject exempted from basic military training," it said.

According to AllKpop, the idol has been serving as a social worker since March but still managed to attend his sister's wedding in the U.S.

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He walked his sister down the aisle, as seen in various photos and videos circulating online.

From there, numerous Korean netizens couldn't help but ask how he was able to have a longer hairstyle amid his military service.

Song Min Ho's Exemption from Basic Training

AllKpop added that, in general, those qualified for alternative service as social workers must enter a basic training center and undergo basic military training.

These people have to cut their hair short before officially starting their service. So, many are surprised to see Song Min Ho's longer hairstyle.

So, to clear the issue once and for all, YG explained that the singer-songwriter was exempted from the basic training and had gone through proper measures to travel overseas while serving in the military.

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In social service workers' basic training regulations, individuals who have received a level four physical grade due to mental health issues are excluded from basic military training.

It has been known that Song Min Ho has suffered from panic disorder and manic-depressive disorder since 2017 after revealing his condition on Dr. Oh's Golden Clinic.

Song Min Ho's Leave of Absence

In addition, Korea Times reported that Song Min Ho got a leave of absence from his alternative military service duties to attend his sister's wedding.

He held his sister's hand as he walked her down the aisle in place of their later father, who passed away in 2022.

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The music producer looked dapper in his beige suit and long, wavy hair at shoulder length.


Song Min Ho started his alternative service in March but has yet to boot camp for training.

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