Serial Experiments Lain NFT Project Reveal Draws Backlash From Fans

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Serial Experiment Lain NFT Lain Iwakura

After the recent reveal of the upcoming alternate reality game (ARG), fan reception has turned sour as the Serial Experiments Lain game is revealed to feature an NFT project that got some backlash.

Recently, Serial Experiments Lain was confirmed to get an ARG that promises fans a different way to interact with the anime’s unique cyberpunk world.

Now though, some details have popped up about the game, and it turns out that one of its digital components is an NFT project.

Serial Experiments Lain Announces Alternate Reality Game

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Serial Experiments Lain is a cult classic sci-fi anime with heavy cyberpunk and horror elements. Specifically, it follows Lain Iwakura, a teenager who gets roped into the mysterious virtual world called “The Wired.”

Despite the anime being over two decades old now, Lain continues to have a dedicated fanbase thanks to its unique story and unnerving atmosphere.

While no new anime project has been made since the late 90s, fans were intrigued by the announcement of an upcoming alternate reality game.

This project is far from a standard action RPG anime game though. After all, an ARG is a mixed-media game where players in the real world are typically tasked with solving puzzles across various mediums.

In this upcoming ARG, players can buy a digital “Protocol Key”, which can be used to unlock some elements of the story.

There will also be puzzles to solve, and by solving them, players can get goodies, including physical as well as digital items.

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Serial Experiments Lain ARG Turns Out to Be an NFT Project, and Fans Aren’t Happy

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Soon, more details about the upcoming game were revealed on the website. And on a Twitter thread, fans discussed the reveal of the Protocol Keys having an NFT component.

Specifically, there will be two Protocol Keys; the first is a standard version that can be bought via a credit card. The other is an NFT that must be purchased using Ethereum.

While they function similarly, the NFT version gives exclusive access to the “Open Edition”, though it’s not revealed exactly what this is.

Given that NFTs have been criticized by many online for being purely moneymaking ventures, it’s no surprise that there has been some backlash from fans.

For now, there are still more details that have yet to be revealed. Though the Serial Experiments Lain ARG is set to begin in late June 2023.

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Source: Serial Experiments Lain ARG Website

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