Riot Games Takes a Shot at Blizzard's Controversial Diablo Immortal Comments

Riot Games was and still is, a subject of controversy when it comes to gaming, thanks to various reports about sexism that happens in the studio. However, due to the controversy surrounding Blizzard, some fans seem to have forgotten that the developers of League of Legends were in a bit of trouble before. Recently, with the announcement that Teamfight Tactics would be coming to mobile phones, Riot decided to take a jab at Blizzard's expense.

From its glasshouse.

During the announcement, which can be seen below, Riot points out that the fans "do have phones," which is why they will be releasing Teamfight Tactics on them. For those unaware, this is a shot at Blizzard asking fans "do you not have phones?" during the Q&A after the polarizing announcement of Diablo Immortal.

Considering how Riot Games is owned by the Chinese company Tencent and the previously-mentioned sexism issues, seeing Riot take a shot at a company in trouble makes them look bad. It feels like they want to dogpile on someone in trouble so no one will notice how badly they have messed up, hence why fans find the shot uncomfortable.

This doesn't mean we aren't excited about the number of new League of Legends games coming from Riot Games, including a fighting game of all things, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to point out when the developers are being hypocrites. Let's just hope that they know better.

League of Legends is available now.

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