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Riot Games Reveals New VALORANT Ion 2.0 Weapon Skin Bundle

Riot Games has officially revealed a new VALORANT weapon skin bundle, Ion 2.0, which features futuristic new weapon skins for the Vandal, Spectre, Ares, and Frenzy as well as a white karambit knife. Unlike the first Ion weapon skin bundle, Ion 2.0 will have color variants (blue, yellow, and green) that players can unlock with Radianite Points (RP).

Riot released a cool teaser to hype up the players, and as you can see below, the new VALORANT weapon skins feature the same slick, futuristic design, visual and sound effects as the first Ion bundle released back in November 2020.

This isn't the first time Riot brought back a beloved weapon skin bundle with new weapons. In August, the developer released a second Reaver collection, featuring some of the coolest finishers in the first-person-shooter.

The Premium bundle is expected to cost 7,100 VP in the in-game store, but of course, fans who want to fully upgrade the weapon skins would need to use Radianite Points, which they can either purchase with VP or earn in the game's Battlepass. If you're short on VP, check out our guide on how to get free VALORANT Points.

One of the most interesting aspects of this trailer is how the map Split is featured here out of all other maps. As VALORANT players already know, Split was removed from the map rotation in Competitive and Unrated after Pearl was added, so could this mean that Split will be back in the next update?

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The Ion 2.0 weapon skin bundle is expected to drop on Oct. 18, alongside Episode 5, Act 3, which will also release the new Controller Agent, Harbor and a new Battlepass.

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