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Ridley Scott Returning for a Third Alien Prequel

Ridley Scott has helmed the last two Alien films with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, and it looks like he'll be staying in the franchise for a bit longer.

According to Variety, Scott is coming back to direct a third Alien prequel, and the movie is said to be currently in the script phase.

If you've watched Covenant, the movie actually ends with audience finding out that David has snuck himself into the ship, and with Daniels incapacitated, David is going to be preparing whatever he wants to do with the Xenomorph eggs he coughed up. We already know that he managed to destroy the planet of the engineers, now we want to see what he does when he turns on actual humans.

Seeing that this is a prequel, it's likely we're just going to end up where the first Alien movie begins, but maybe Scott has something bigger in store for us. Personally, I was very interested in the direction that Prometheus chose to go, and I was kind of disappointed that Covenant just decided to go the classic horror movie route. Hopefully with this third movie, Scott will manage to bring together the best of both worlds and bring us the Alien prequel that we were all waiting for.

No release date or story has been announced for this third Alien prequel, but hopefully it brings this era of the franchise to a close. Let's just hope the marketing doesn't spoil the big story like they did with Covenant.

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