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Rick Riordan Teases Percy Jackson’s Season 1 Filming

It has been almost a decade since Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson book series had been adapted into a film back in 2010 for its debut, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, with its sequel Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in 2013. The author openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the first adaptation despite its box office success big enough to have funded the sequel film. In May 2020, however, Disney+ announced its Percy Jackson & The Olympians television adaptation, currently in production, that aims to adapt faithfully in accordance with Riordan's book series.

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In his blog, Rick Riordan recently shared a new update on filming the Percy Jackson series. The blog post states that the series, though filming wasn’t done in chronological order, has already filmed the first 16 chapters of The Lightning Thief. Seeing as the first book had a total of 22 chapters means they’re catching up to speed, soon to finish the first season. Read his post below:

Well, in terms of content, we are about up to chapter sixteen in the book, though as I’ve shared before, we don’t film in strict chronological order.

Riordan also notes that the filming process involves cutting parts into ‘blocks’ where they could be pieced together after shooting a scene, whether or not it was shot in chronological order. He even referenced Justice League’s Snyder’s cut, saying that “It’s a huge relief, after waiting so many years and working so hard, to watch a sort-of final product and think, ‘Oh, thank the gods. This works!’” Percy Jackson & The Olympians is set to have eight episodes.

While the series is close to finishing its filming, Riordan also mentions in his blog post that post-production (the finished piece) is expected to be released in 2024, as expected. He writes, “Good things come to those who wait” and it is hard to argue with that, given the promise of a better and more accurate depiction of the book series in their teaser for Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

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