Queen Elizabeth Shock: Prince William's Grandmother So Dedicated To The Throne But Commitment Could Reportedly Harm Monarchy, Royal Commentator Daniela Elser Claims

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Queen Elizabeth II promised to serve the monarchy until her last breath. However, a royal commentator weighed in on Her Majesty's decision and said that the Queen's decision might harm the monarchy than help it.

Queen Elizabeth II's Dedication To The Monarchy Could Harm It

The Queen dedicated her life to the monarchy when she took over the throne. She devoted her whole life to the firm and several sources said she would not abdicate despite the various health concerns for the 95-year-old royal.


Royal commentator Daniela Elser weighed in on the matter after the Queen canceled several engagements in the past week and amid speculations that she might cancel her attendance at Prince Philip's memorial service. According to her, the monarch's commitment may be detrimental to the crown itself.

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"While her view that abdication or bowing out of the job has always been one of horror and extreme distaste, her refusal to even countenance stepping down is going to start severely impacting the monarchy," Elser wrote on News.com.au.

"For one thing, her ongoing health issues are already proving a huge distraction, with the flurry of reporting and speculation every time she cancels an event detracting from whatever do-goodery her children and grandchildren are up to, you know, the meat and potatoes of the royal game."

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Elser also noted that there are also concerns about the Queen's leadership when she's not in Buckingham Palace. According to her, the monarch "has always innately understood that ruling is built on visibility, be it in person, on the palace balcony or in the press." However, just recently, multiple sources claimed that she could not stand or walk for long hours and didn't want to be photographed in a wheelchair.

She noted that the Queen's absence will only give the monarchy a "symbolism of a sovereign who is largely invisible and tucked away from view." So, instead of "projecting strength and continuity," a monarch that is away from the palace only gives the crown an impression of being weak and uncertain.

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Queen Elizabeth II Should Abdicate And Pass The Crown To Prince Charles

Elser believed that it would be best for the Queen to abdicate and pass down the throne to their apparent, Prince Charles. In that way, the Prince of Wales' coronation would be a celebration and he could start his reign early with his mother's blessing.

"Making way for Charles to take the throne now is not only the practical play here but the canny one. A smooth, joy-filled coronation for King Charles III, one which starred his beaming mother casting a proud eye over proceedings, would be a world away from a coronation tainted by the sadness of her death," she continued.

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"If the Queen was to pass the baton, or the Imperial State Crown in fact, to her 73-year-old son, it would start his reign on a totally different note, one of positivity and joy and with him ruling with her blessing – not out of necessity," Elser added. "In this scenario, when Her Majesty did sadly pass away, it would hugely mitigate the upheaval and psychological trauma which her death will trigger in the UK and the Commonwealth."

Elser concluded that the best way for the Queen to serve the crown is to abdicate. Do you agree with her?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Queen Elizabeth II and the other members of the royal family.

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