Queen Elizabeth Shock: Prince William's Grandmother Often Makes This Stern Look, Disapproving Glare To Maintain Monarchial Distance

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Queen Elizabeth II has a certain look that many felt is an expression of disapproval. However, according to a royal biographer, the monarch's stern look has nothing to do with any negative emotions.

Queen Elizabeth II Uses Stern Look As Defense Mechanism

Her Majesty has been the British monarch for 70 years already. She is a picture of decorum and good manners most of the time. However, she has been photographed looking stern sometimes, which many mistook as rudeness.


Robert Hardman, author of Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II, weighed in on the monarch's "aloof" expression and disapproving glare. According to him, it's actually a defense mechanism for the 95-year-old senior royal and has nothing to do with any negative emotions, in contrast to what many thought.

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"Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said that you don’t want to overstep the line and get the look!" Hardman told OK! Magazine (via Express). "Over the years people have said that it’s arrogant behaviour and elitist or aloof. But actually it’s a defence mechanism. I call it the royal paradox. People want her to be friendly and affable, like their favourite granny. But at the same time, they’re talking to a monarch."

Hardman explained that it's appropriate for the Queen to keep a respectable distance considering her position. He added that many people who worked around her retired, but she doesn't. The royal biographer also pointed out that the Queen's stern look hasn't been an issue to those who had a close encounter with her.

"The royals have acquaintances, such as Prime Ministers, and they all get on perfectly well," he continued. "But you can’t get too close to these people because they’re going to move on."

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Should Queen Elizabeth Abdicate Or Not?


Queen Elizabeth II promised to serve the monarchy until her last breath. However, lately, there have been mounting concerns over her health, especially after she canceled multiple engagements. Her absence prompted some to weigh in on the future of the firm.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser believed that it would be better for the Queen to pass down the throne to Prince Charles. According to her, the Queen's commitment has been detrimental to the crown.

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First, her ongoing health issues have been a "huge distraction." Second, the Queen allegedly believes that "ruling is built on visibility," and her absence will only give the monarchy a "symbolism of a sovereign who is largely invisible and tucked away from view."

"Making way for Charles to take the throne now is not only the practical play here but the canny one. A smooth, joy-filled coronation for King Charles III, one which starred his beaming mother casting a proud eye over proceedings, would be a world away from a coronation tainted by the sadness of her death," Elser explained.

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"If the Queen was to pass the baton, or the Imperial State Crown in fact, to her 73-year-old son, it would start his reign on a totally different note, one of positivity and joy and with him ruling with her blessing – not out of necessity," Elser added. "In this scenario, when Her Majesty did sadly pass away, it would hugely mitigate the upheaval and psychological trauma which her death will trigger in the UK and the Commonwealth."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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