Queen Elizabeth Shock: Prince Charles' Mom To Make A Huge Sacrifice In Upcoming Jubilee Platinum Celebration

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Queen Elizabeth II has to do something she doesn't really enjoy in her upcoming Jubilee Platinum celebration. The monarch will do it because of her duty.

Queen Elizabeth Has To Make Major Sacrifice For Her Duty

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch. This year she is celebrating her 70th anniversary as the head of the monarchy. According to sources, she doesn't really enjoy the limelight but will step into it because she understands that it serves a purpose.


"She's not someone who directly enjoys the limelight, but she recognizes these anniversaries are moments for people and communities to come together," an unnamed source told People.

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Her Majesty knew that the upcoming Jubilee Platinum celebration also serves as a "big thank-you moment," the insider added. The Queen will do her part because it's part of her duty.

Royal historian Robert Lacey said that major events and celebrations "embody the emotional and spiritual elements of the monarchy and what it means to peoples' hearts." He added that it's an opportunity for the public to celebrate with the royal family because "People feel them as milestones in their own lives too."

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How Will Queen Elizabeth II Celebrate The Platinum Jubilee?

The upcoming Platinum Jubilee will be a four-day celebration. There will be a four-day bank holiday weekend from Thursday (June 2) to Sunday (June 5). So, the Brits will enjoy two days off work to celebrate the Queen's milestone, People reported.


There will be a series of festivities, including Trooping the Colour, which is the Queen's annual birthday celebration, the lighting of the Platinum Jubilee beacons, a service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral, the Derby at Epsom Downs and a live concert titled "Platinum Party at the Palace." That's not all, there's also the Big Jubilee Lunch and the Platinum Jubilee Pageant.

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A giant slide will be installed at the Tower of London as part of a floral display. There will also be a carnival featuring 5,000 performers and a red-bus-sized dragon float in London.

The royal family members will be celebrating the major event with Her Majesty. Several sources believed she invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, it remains unknown if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will fly to join the Queen and the other members of the firm for the festivities.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Queen Elizabeth II and her upcoming Jubilee Platinum celebration.

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