Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch Planned A Surprise Trip To The US For Prince William, Kate Middleton? Believes Much-Needed Vacation Can Prepare Them For Future Roles

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Queen Elizabeth reportedly adores Prince William and Kate Middleton, and she also believes that the Cambridges are the future of the monarchy.

Following the lockdowns in the United Kingdom last year, Prince William and Middleton took on more jobs and engagements on behalf of Her Majesty, and the queen is eternally grateful.


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Queen Elizabeth Favors Prince William Over Prince Charles

OK! magazine, in its Jan. 3 issue, claimed that it’s only a matter of time before Prince William ascends the throne. Even though the queen’s successor is still Prince Charles, there’s no denying the fact that Prince William is more popular than his father.

So, before the Duke of Cambridge steps into his important role, the queen allegedly decided to treat him and Middleton to an all-expense-paid vacation in the United States.

“The planning was done mostly behind closed doors and it was orchestrated by Her Majesty. She feels William’s a better fit for taking over than Charles. The getaway will give William and Kate a chance to get some well-deserved downtime with the kids before William takes on more responsibility at home. It’s set to be a relaxed trip without all the pomp and formality of a royal tour. William and Kate are planning to have a lot of fun,” an unnamed source said.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Keeping Their USA Trip A Secret


Prince William and Middleton allegedly know all about the trip because they were already informed by the queen. However, they are keeping the details hush-hush for now.

But for some reason, the publication claimed to know all the specifics regarding the royal couple’s trip.

“There are whispers they’ll lease a townhouse overlooking Central Park. They prefer the idea of doing that over staying in a hotel, which would be less private,” the unnamed source said.

Prince William, Middleton, and their three children will also, allegedly visit the Metropolitan Museum of the Art and a zoo in New York.

Shortly after, the Cambridges will allegedly head to the West Coast, where they will stay at a mansion in Beverly Hills. During the evenings, Prince William and Middleton will go on date nights and the latter will cook for her husband at times.

“Kate’s a wonderful cook and she can’t wait to sample the cuisine at a couple of fine restaurants. They’ve hired an in-house chef and they’ll also try to make time for a movie night with the kids,” the unnamed source said.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Won’t Meet The Sussexes In The US

Even though Prince William and Middleton will already be in the United States, they still won’t meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Sussexes wouldn’t allegedly take offense because they do not want to be upstaged by the Cambridges.

However, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are the ones insisting that they want to meet their cousins, Archie and Lilibet. And Prince William and Middleton have been trying to explain to their kids why this couldn’t happen for now.

“William and Kate have tried to explain it to in simple terms – and a reunion could still happen – but they don’t want their children to pin their hopes on it. The Cambridges are focused on making sure it’s an epic adventure for the whole family,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton’s Earthshot Prize 2022 Announced


Last month, reports claimed that Prince William and Middleton will go to the United States for the Earthshot Prize in 2022.

According to Elle, the upcoming trip will be the couple’s first time to set foot in the United States after seven years. However, there’s still no confirmation whether they will bring their children along for the ride.

While speaking with Us Weekly, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti said that it’s unlikely for the Cambridges to stay with the Sussexes during their trip.

“It’s like so many of these things — it’s a sort of lose-lose situation. If they get invited and they decline, it seems petty and nasty. And if they don’t get invited, it seems petty and nasty from the other side. And if they do accept such an invitation and something goes terribly wrong, that seems like a bad idea. I can’t quite see how this would work,” he said.

While it is true that Prince William and Middleton will visit the United States next year, it’s for an important engagement and not for their much-needed vacation.

It’s not also true that the queen planned the trip to surprise the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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