Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch At Risk Of Losing Jamaica As A Commonwealth Country? The Caribbean Country Could Reportedly Become A Republic In August

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Queen Elizabeth could reportedly see more changes within the Commonwealth countries she’s currently the head of in the coming months. In the past, some former Commonwealth countries removed the queen as their head of state and decided to become a republic. Now, there are claims that another country in the Caribbean plans to follow suit.

As of press writing, Prince William and Kate Middleton are on an 8-day royal tour of the Caribbean. And one of their stops in Jamaica. However, sources said that this could be the last time that members of the royal family would set foot in the country. After all, Jamaica reportedly plans to get rid of the queen as their head of state.

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Jamaicans Want Queen Elizabeth To Be Removed As Their Head Of State

During a recent discussion, Good Morning Britain royal correspondent Noel Phillips said that there would be a process in place in case Jamaica pushes through with its plans to become a republic.

“Usually the process is a referendum. The vote is put to the people of the country to decide if they want to leave or not. The Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has a large majority so he doesn’t have to go to the people,” he said.


Phillips also shared the sentiments of the people in Jamaica. According to him, they all want to leave the British monarchy and become an independent country.

“If you walk on the streets here and talk to the people, they want to leave. They want to cut ties with Britain,” he said.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Reign As Head Of State In Jamaica Could End In August

According to Express, nothing has been finalized yet but if the move will push through, it’s possible for Queen Elizabeth to be removed as Jamaica’s head of state as early as August. After all, this is when Jamaica would celebrate the 60th year of its independence.


In November 2021, Queen Elizabeth was also removed as the head of state in Barbados. But there was no indication that the monarch was upset with the country’s decision to cut ties with the British monarchy. After all, Prince Charles attended the handover ceremony as a guest of honor at the time.

As of late, Queen Elizabeth still serves as the head of state in 15 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

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Queen Elizabeth Serves As Head Of State Of 15 Commonwealth Countries

According to the BBC, there are 54 Commonwealth countries across the globe, but not all are part of the British empire. Throughout the years, some countries that used to be members also decided to cut ties with the British monarchy. For instance, Zimbabwe decided to leave the British monarchy in 2003 amid allegations of election fraud. In 2018, the country applied to be readmitted, but no final decision has been made.


Since most of the Commonwealth states are republics, they are not under the queen. Even though she’s still the head of state in 15 commonwealth countries, there is reportedly an active movement in Australia urging the country to become a republic.

According to The Conversation, the Australian Republic Movement launched a campaign as the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign becomes fast approaching.

“Australians should have a genuine, merit-based choice about who speaks for them as Head of State, rather than a British king or queen on the other side of the world,” they said.

The publication added that Australians are fighting for their freedom to become a republic because it is deemed important for the future of the country to be in the hands of Australians and not Britons.

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