Queen Elizabeth Shock: Her Majesty 'Couldn't Stand' Prince William, Kate Middleton's Household Habit With Kids

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Queen Elizabeth II has a different parenting approach than Prince William and Kate Middleton. In fact, there was one particular thing that she couldn't stand in the Cambridge's household habits.

Queen Elizabeth Shocked During Visit To Prince William, Kate Middleton's Home

In 2018, Queen Elizabeth II visited Prince William and Kate Middleton's home in Anmer Hall, according to an unearthed report by Express.co.uk from 2018. An insider claimed that Her Majesty was surprised at how much time they spent socializing with their kids in the kitchen.


"When the Queen visited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Anmer Hall for the first time, she couldn’t get her head around the fact that the kitchen is the main base for them," the source said.

"For the Queen, she can't stand that because she is used to having a set room for that sort of thing."

The insider said unlike the Queen, the Cambridges have adopted a more relaxing public attitude and home set-up. In Prince William and Middleton's home, the "main hub" of their home is their kitchen.

Queen Elizabeth II's Grandchildren Enjoy Cooking With Mom Kate Middleton

While Queen Elizabeth II doesn't spend that much time in the kitchen, the Cambridges do because they enjoy cooking and baking together. In fact, Prince George and Princess Charlotte's hobbies include cooking with their mom, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Middleton and her kids love to cook homemade pizza. The duchess opened up about her favorite hobby with her kids when she appeared on BBC Christmas special A Very Berry Christmas. During her appearance, Middleton was asked whether she cooks with her children.

"Yes, I really enjoy it," Middleton told Great British Bake-off judge Mary Berry.


Middleton added that cooking helped her kids to be "creative." It also prepares them to be "as independent as possible."

"Actually, one of the last things we cooked together was your pizza dough," Middleton told the food writer. "We made pizzas with your pizza dough recipe…They loved it. Absolutely loved it."

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