Queen Elizabeth Shock: Death Plans For British Monarch Allegedly Leaked After A Welsh Government Official Accidentally Emailed Them By Mistake

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Queen Elizabeth is already in her advanced years and she has sparked various health concerns in the past months.

She's one of the most prominent figures in the world, so it's not shocking to know that the firm has planned all the details of her funeral in advance. However, according to a report, the Queen's death plans accidentally leaked.

Queen Elizabeth II's Death Plans Accidentally Emailed To Member Of The Public


An inquiry has been launched after a Welsh official accidentally leaked the plans for the Queen's death. Letters and security pamphlets marked "official sensitive" were emailed to a member of the public by an official by mistake, Express reported.

The leak also included a letter from a top U.K. civil servant expressing concern that a news website had disclosed confidential details about procedures for the Queen's funeral. Aside from that, security guidance was also allegedly emailed to a member of the public in error.

Due to the incident, the Welsh government is investigating a "potential security breach." However, it insisted that no "operational information" was revealed in the leak.

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"Whilst the email did not contain any operational information, it was marked 'official sensitive' and should not have been shared," the Welsh government’s most senior civil servant, Dr. Andrew Goodall, said in a statement, per Express.

"We take the issue of information and data security very seriously and this is now being investigated as a potential security breach. We are unable to comment further."

The leaked documents revealed how ministers would be informed of the Queen's passing and laid out the proper protocol for social media activity. The leak happened last year and Dickie Arbiter, the sovereign’s official spokesman, called the leak “irresponsible and insensitive.” He also demanded to fire the person behind the leakage of the secret plan.

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More Details About Queen Elizabeth II's Alleged Operational London Bridge

Politico obtained copies of the document that leaked and the outlet claimed that the U.K. government's plan for what will happen days after Queen Elizabeth II's passing is codenamed "Operational London Bridge." The process will include a phone call to the prime minister to alert him that "London Bridge is down." It will also be reported in a newsflash on the Press Association wire.

The prime minister and his Cabinet will meet the Queen's coffin at St. Pancras station and the heir apparent, Princ Charles, who will be King Charles, will embark on a tour of the U.K. in the days before the Queen's funeral.

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The funeral will happen exactly 10 days after the Queen's death. The state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey. There will be a two-minute silence across the nation at midday. Processions will take place in London and Windsor.

There will also be a committal service in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth II will be buried in King George VI Memorial Chapel.

The document allegedly involved detailed plans on what will happen in the 10 days leading to the Queen's funeral. The leaked documents involved details of Operational LONDON BRIDGE to Operation SPRING TIDE, which is reportedly the plan for Prince Charles' accession to the throne.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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