Queen Elizabeth Shock: British Monarch Has No Power To Strip Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Of Dukedom Titles, Expert Says

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Queen Elizabeth II gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle their dukedom titles as a wedding present. However, she has no power to take the titles back, according to an expert.

Queen Elizabeth II Coul Not Strip Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Their Dukedom Titles

The Queen has numerous privileges. She even has the power to give the members of the royal family certain titles. She made Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they tied the knot on May 19, 2018. However, she has no power to take the title back.


According to Dr. Bob Morris, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles "have a special condition - that is, they can’t be removed unless there’s an Act of Parliament." So, the decision to strip the titles from the Sussexes does not depend on Her Majesty.

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"HRH [title] can be given or taken away by the monarch of the day," Dr. Morris of the Constitution Unit at University College London said, per Express. However, "it would require an Act of Parliament to remove the title."

Although Prince Harry and Markle retain the title, it also does not dictate that they must continue to use it.

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Should Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Continue To Use Their Dukedom Titles Since Queen Elizabeth II Could Not Strip Them Of It?

Royal expert Professor Cele Otnes said that the title is "meaningless" when used outside the Royal Family and it only confuses the public.


"If you're not involved in the Royal Family, and you can't use the HRH, and the Queen has said to you, ‘Fine, if you don't want to be involved, you're not involved," she told Express. "What does it mean? They call John Wayne ‘The Duke’ - that's what they call John Wayne. They called Elvis ‘The King.’ It's nickname you give yourself."

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However, Professor Otness believed that even if the use of such titles comes across as an "empty gesture," Prince Harry and Markle still "get some superficial benefit from it."

Meanwhile, Dr. Morris said that Prince Harry and Markle are "at liberty to retain, and use, their titles." However, "Whether or not they use the title is another matter."

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Several netizens have already called out Prince Harry and Markle to stop using their dukedom titles. Some also requested the Queen to strip them of it. Apparently, the monarch couldn't do anything about it.

Dr. Morris stressed that it would only be removed by an Act of Parliament and he doesn't see it happening.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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