Queen Elizabeth Shock: British Monarch Allegedly Too Proud To Be In A Wheelchair, Royal Fans Begged Prince Charles' Mother To Use It If Needed And Make Balcony Appearance During Platinum Jubilee Celebration

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Queen Elizabeth sparked health concerns after she canceled her attendance at the State Opening of Parliament for the first in over six decades. Due to that, many are worried if she will make a balcony appearance at her Platinum Jubilee celebration.

Queen Elizabeth Should Make A Balcony Appearance, Royals' Fans Begged The Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II has been seen with a walking stick in the past months. On Monday, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen had to pull out from the opening of Parliament due to mobility issues. However, reports have it that the Queen is allegedly "too proud" to be seen in a wheelchair and would rather not be seen at all.


Express started a poll asking royal fans if the Platinum Jubilee balcony appearance should go ahead sans the monarch. The participants shared their thoughts, begging the Queen to ensure her attendance. Her Majesty's supporters want to see her even if she's in a wheelchair. They even encouraged her to use it, if she could not sustain standing for a long period.

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"[I’d] rather see Her Majesty in a wheelchair than not at all," one respondent named David from Vancouver commented, per Express.

Another added, "[It] would be weird if the Queen wasn't on the balcony to celebrate her Platinum. Use a wheelchair, Ma’am."

A third royal fan wrote, "There isn't any reason the Queen can't use a wheelchair, there isn't any shame."

Another user suggested that they use a podium to hide the Queen's wheelchair if she didn't want to be photographed in it. The netizen said, in that way, anyone looking up will not see the wheelchair. At the same time, it will ease the Queen's discomfort.

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Why Queen Elizabeth Doesn't Want To Be Photographed In A Wheelchair?

There are rumors that Prince Charles' mother is already using a wheelchair to navigate substantial distances in Windsor Castle. However, she is very careful not to be seen in it in public.

"She is not wheelchair-bound but she has got a wheelchair," an unnamed insider told the Daily Beast in March. "She is 95, she walks with a stick, and by her own admission, her feet don’t work very well. It’s not like the big oak doors close at the end of an audience and she then walks off hundreds of yards to the next room she wants to go into. There is a footman with a wheelchair."

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There are rumors that it was due to a haunting memory of her sister Princess Margaret, who was photographed looking exhausted and ill while in a wheelchair six months before she passed away.

Others claimed that it was because she wanted to protect the mystery of regal power. No matter what the Queen's reason is, the public wants to see her on the balcony at the Platinum Jubilee.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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