Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Prince Harry’s Grandmother Reportedly Will Never Meet Lilibet Diana? Duke Of Sussex’s Decision Affects Monarch

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Queen Elizabeth’s health has been a cause for concern among members of the royal family, as well as the royal fans,and the fact that she’s turning 96 this year and has had back-to-back health issues is indeed worrying.

Royal fans are hopeful that the monarch would be able to meet his great-granddaughter, Lilibet Diana. But it’s unlikely for this to happen – at least not anytime soon.

According to reports, Prince Harry’s decision to skip Prince Philip’s memorial service at the end of the month didn’t surprise the royal family. But it was especially heartbreaking for Queen Elizabeth because this means she lost another opportunity to meet Lilibet Diana.

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Queen Elizabeth May Never Meet Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Daughter

During a recent interview with The Sun, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said that it seems unlikely for the monarch to ever meet her great-granddaughter. After all, Prince Harry made it clear that he won’t return to Britain unless he would be given a security detail.

“I think this was expected because of the issue with security, obviously, he would have wanted to come if he could. I think it’s a great pity, what this means is it regrettable the rift will remain unhealed. It’s increasingly unlikely. If they don’t bring Lili over, then obviously that won’t happen. It’s all something that’s clearly not going to be resolved in the foreseeable future. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going to come over,” Fitzwilliams said.


Prince Harry Won’t Return To Britain This Month

In a recent statement, it was confirmed that Prince Harry won’t return to the United Kingdom for Prince Philip’s memorial service. But the Duke of Sussex reportedly plans to visit his grandmother very soon.


According to royal expert Angela Levin, the statement shows how Meghan Markle’s husband is snubbing Her Majesty.

“He has got this all wrong. If he comes over for a royal event he gets police protection. What they won’t do is if he goes out with his friends he gets security. He’ll probably use this same excuse to try to get out of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations,” Levin said.

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Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Willing To Give Prince Harry Protection In Britain

However, Woman’s Day, in its March 21 issue, claimed that the queen is willing to offer Prince Harry everything just so she could finally meet Lilibet.


“The queen is willing to come to the table and find a new way to keep Harry happy, at least temporarily. She’ll try to sort out temporary royal police protection for Harry if he comes home for her Jubilee celebration in June, but only if he brings his two children. She is desperate to meet his daughter Lilibet in particular, who’ll be one by then and was of course named after the queen. And she feels that could be her only chance,” an unnamed source said.

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Prince Harry Accused Of Snubbing Queen Elizabeth

This is not the first time that Prince Harry was accused of snubbing Queen Elizabeth. In July, the Duke of Sussex was dubbed as disrespectful for not visiting the monarch even if he was already in Britain.


At the time, Prince Harry flew to the United Kingdom for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. It was also the moment that royal fans had been waiting for because he reunited with Prince William.

But immediately after the unveiling of the statue wrapped up, Prince Harry flew back home to be with his family.

Royal fans slammed Prince Harry back then and said that he should’ve at least paid his respects to the queen. However, others also defended him by saying that he might have not met with his grandmother amid fears that he could be a carrier of the deadly virus COVID-19.

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