Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Prince Andrew’s Mom In Discussion About His Sexual Abuse Scandal? Monarch Could Strip Son Of His Dukedom, Military Affiliations

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Queen Elizabeth has always been very protective of her children. Even though she has never been very affectionate towards them in public, the monarch has her own way of showing her children that she loves and cares for them.

Throughout the years, multiple sources claimed that Queen Elizabeth is especially close to her son, Prince Andrew. After all, she was much older when she had him and she also had more time to be a hands-on mom to the Duke of York and Prince Edward.


So, even though the queen has not publicly commented on Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal, it’s highly likely that was hurt the first time she heard about it.

Now, there are claims suggesting that Prince Andrew could be convicted for allegedly sexually abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre. So, the queen is all the more feeling stressed.

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Queen Elizabeth Torn Between Stripping Prince Andrew Of His Royal Titles And Supporting Him

Woman’s Day, in its Jan. 17 issue, claimed that the monarch could have a change of heart regarding her favorite son. After all, she also has the entire British monarchy to think of.

“She has accepted there is no coming back from this for Andrew from a royal sense and discussions are being held over what his future within the family looks like, regardless of the court outcome. Nothing is off the table, including stripping him of his dukedom and his military affiliations. This is heartbreaking for her since she gave him the Duke of York title as a nod to her own darling papa, who was the Duke of York before he was forced onto the throne when his brother abdicated,” an unnamed source said.


Queen Elizabeth Disappointed With Prince Andrew

The queen is also, allegedly, upset with Prince Andrew for tainting the Duke of York title. And she couldn’t also believe why her son would involve himself in Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s wrongdoings.

“As a mother, she feels she should stand by him on a personal level. Andrew has always held a certain power over the queen. He’s her favorite child, that’s no secret – and she is, to a point, blinded by that love and would do anything for him, possibly including standing up for him in court, if he asked her – even if her entire royal advisory team begged her not to,” the unnamed source explained.


Prince Andrew Wants Queen Elizabeth To Defend Him In Court

Even though the Duke of York knows that the queen is stressed over his scandal, he still arrogantly asked the monarch if she could testify in court to defend him.

“There is no end to what Andrew is asking her. He’s even mentioned it might help him if she waives her sovereign immunity and takes the stand in his defense if the case proceeds to trial. That would be a huge ask – not that Andrew feels that way. He is arrogant enough to believe he could ask his mother to take the stand,” the unnamed source concluded.


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Queen Elizabeth Funds Prince Andrew’s Legal Battle

Earlier this week, The Telegraph claimed that the queen will, indeed, find herself in a tight spot when it comes to Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal. After all, the monarch will be forced to pay for her son’s settlement should he lose.


The publication estimated Prince Andrew’s possible settlement is over $6 million. They also said that the queen is already the one who’s paying for Prince Andrew’s legal battle.

But even this is the case, the queen has not complained about Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal in public. And as Prince Andrew’s mom, it seems she will continue to support him no matter what.

As of late, there’s also no proof that the queen will strip Prince Andrew of his military titles and dukedom.

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