PlayStation 5 Console Permanently Shuts Down Due to Storage Fail

Credit: Sony

Credit: Sony

Gamers are beyond stoked for the anticipated release of the Sony PlayStation 5 as it approaches its November 12 release. However, one YouTuber has had a bizarre and unfortunate experience with his unit which permanently shut down following a storage glitch and it can only be described as one giant nightmare.

YouTuber ACG has detailed his dreadful experience with his PS5 and apparently, several users have complained about the same issue which isn't a good sign especially considering the fact that the console will be out in a few hours. Taking to Twitter, ACG shared that his console is "100%" dead following the storage rebuild issues he was dealing with which then led to full errors and network boot. Sony has yet to comment regarding the matter. Check out the full thread below:

This, of course, would cause a great deal of panic amongst fans and the entire video gaming community although I would like to assume that the issues were just coincidental. On the other hand, it could also be just a problem for the "test" console which isn't too uncommon, I guess but if consumers end up experiencing the same storage glitch with their units, it could spell doom for Sony, not to mention a huge revenue loss. Hopefully, the reviews for the actual console will turn out to be good because it would be a damn shame if the problem persists especially since gamers have long been waiting for the console's arrival.

The PS5 will be available in select countries beginning November 12. The console is set for global release on November 19.

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