Princess Charlotte Shock: Kate Middleton's Cheeky Daughter Made First Curtsy To The Queen On Christmas Day

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Princess Charlotte impressed many when she did her first curtsy to Queen Elizabeth II. It happened when she joined her parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton' in her debut in the royal family's traditional Christmas morning service. She was only 4 years old at the time.

Princess Charlotte Curtsied To The Queen

In December 2019, Princess Charlotte and Prince George made their debut in the royal's traditional practice of attending a service on Christmas morning. The members of the royal family usually gather together outside the church and wait for the Queen's arrival.


The female royals curtsy to the Queen when she arrives and Princess Charlotte did the same when she saw her mom doing it. Those who witnessed it were delighted with the sight.

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"Charlotte is very independent & quite a quick study," one commented at the time.

"She looks like The Queen," another added.

Karen Anvil, was among those who had a close encounter with Princess Charlotte at the time during the royal family's traditional Christmas walk after attending the service. Anvil was the one who captured the popular photo of Prince William, Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2017. She gave the Duchess of Cambridge's daughter a doll.

"Charlotte came over with her mum, she liked the doll," she told Sky News (via Express). "Her manners were outstanding ‒ but she’s cheeky, she wasn’t at all scared."

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Prince William And Kate Took Princess Charlotte And Siblings To Christmas Morning Service

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the holidays in Norfolk. However, the Queen decided to cancel her trip to Sandringham for Christmas. Her Majesty opted to spend the festive season in Windsor Castle for the second time in a row due to the COVID-19.

For two years, the royal fans have missed the Christmas walk, which follows after the members of the firm attend the morning service on Christmas day. This year, there was no morning walk, but Prince William and Middleton attended the Christmas morning service with their kids.

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The family of five were photographed leaving St. Mary Magdalene Church on the Queen's Sandringham estate Saturday. The Duke of Cambridge was behind the wheel. His wife, Kate Middleton, was seated in the passenger's seat. Meanwhile, their three children was seated behind Princess Charlotte between her brothers Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The three children were photographed peering out the window from the backseat when they were on their way home.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family!

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