Princess Charlene Heartbreak: Prince Albert's Wife Battling With Princess Caroline For Princess Gabriella And Prince Jacques? Royal Allegedly Left Monaco Again

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Princess Charlene made headlines in March after she finally returned to the principality and reunited with her family in Monaco. The palace, in a statement, confirmed that the mother of Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques is back in the country and would continue her "convalescence in the Principality with her husband and her children by her side."

Most, if not all, royal followers are aware that Princess Charlene has been receiving care in a Swiss clinic since November. Her return to Monaco is a result of "encouraging recovery."

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However, new reports claimed that trouble exploded in Monaco as Princess Charlene is allegedly battling for Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques with Prince Albert's sister, Princess Caroline. Keep on reading to know more details.


Princess Charles Wants Princess Gabriella And Prince Jacques Away From Monaco Life?

Globe Magazine, in its upcoming April 11, 2022 issue, reported that Princess Charlene is "desperate" to take Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques away from life "in Monaco's goldfish bowl" and "move to the Alps -- of Prince Albert allows it." However, Princess Caroline, her sister-in-law, reportedly wants to raise the twins as the country's next royal heirs.

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An unnamed palace source claimed:

"Caroline's influence over the children is making Charlene frantic. Caroline is determined to mold the twins, especially Jacques the heir apparent, to fir ger idea o what a little prince should be."

Princess Charlene is reportedly having Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques home-schooled and is especially miffed Caroline played mother and met with the headmistress of a private school to "look after the children's future." To recall, the Princess Consort of Monaco fled shortly after a woman slapped her husband, Prince Albert, with a paternity suit.

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The father of Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques denied the accuser's claim that they had a kid together. Prince Albert, however, is supporting two other love children.

A close pal of Princess Charlene told the entertainment news publication:

"Charlene has had time to think about her life and the future of her children. She's realized life in Monaco is not only toxic for herself, but for her children, who are growing up with all kinds of pressures -- and Caroline can't fill her shoes."

Globe Magazine reported that Princess Caroline is no stranger to scandal. The royal is, at present, married to her third husband, Prince Ernst of Hanover. An unidentified informant even claimed that Princess Caroline and her sister, Stephanie, "aren't the best role models" for Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques.

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The tipster went on to say that Prince Albert agrees with Princess Charlene, but Monaco is a pressure cooker. It stated:

"He's more likely to back Caroline. He wants his kids under his thumb and following a future he wants for them."

Princess Charlene has yet to respond to the reports claiming that she wants to leave Monaco with Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques. So, devoted supporters of Prince Albert's wife should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Did Princess Charlene Leave Monaco Again?

Meanwhile, there are reports swirling that Princess Charlene has left Monaco again. Australia's WHO Magazine claimed the mom-of-two left alone and boarded a private plane in Nice, France on March 21.

No details about Princess Charlene's whereabouts or how long she would be away from Monaco or if she has returned to the pricipality already. To recall, the royal just came back to the palace in mid-March to be with her husband and children.

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At the time, the Princely Palace said in a statement:

“In agreement with her doctors and while her recovery is on the right track, Their Serene Highnesses have agreed together that Princess Charlene can now continue her convalescence in the Principality with her husband and her children by her side.”

Princess Charlene was grounded in South Africa in 2021 for several months after a quick trip to her home country. While there, the princess had a severe ear, nose and throat infection that prevented her from flying back home.

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Prince Albert, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques reportedly visited Princess Charlene in her treatment facility around Christmas. However, the royal is believed to have spent her birthday in January alone as she recovered from her mysterious illness.

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