Princess Anne Shock: Princess Royal Took Most Extra Work To Cover For Queen Elizabeth, Does More Than Prince Charles

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Princess Anne stepped up by taking more workloads when the Queen had to slow down due to her health. The Princess Royal even worked more than her brother, Prince Charles.

Princess Anne Took More Extra Work For The Queen

The Princess Royal is one of the most active senior royals. Princess Anne, 71, changed her diary and added 13 investitures since July. Her total workload is significantly higher than Prince Charles, who only took six. Meanwhile, Prince William did three, Express reported.


The princess updated her diary following a backlog of investitures due to the coronavirus pandemic. A palace source told the Telegraph that the Queen's only daughter "enjoys investitures and meeting the recipients."

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Princess Anne is also popular among the recipient of honors. Broadcaster Lorraine Kelly was among those who received honors at Windsor Castle for her career and charity work and she was happy to receive the accolade from Princess Anne, saying the event was "extra special."

"She loves Scotland and supports Scottish rugby, very visibly with her tartan scarf on," Kelly said. "I think she genuinely loves Scotland and that was really nice and we just talked about that."

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When asked about receiving the honor, Kelly said, "It was fantastic."

"It's been really good. It's been a beautiful day. It didn't rain, which was rather lovely," she added. "And I was so pleased it was the Princess Royal, Princess Anne. That made it even extra special."

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Princess Anne Has Been The Hardest Working Royal

Queen Elizabeth II's daughter taking on more workload is not really surprising. She was even the hardest working royal family member of 2020.

Princess Anne took the top spot after attending 148 official engagements for the year and 145 days at work.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles came second. The heir apparent took 146 engagements over 141 working days.

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Queen Elizabeth took the third spot with 136 engagements over 130 days at the age of 94. Prince Edward attended 126 engagements in 123 days, making it in the fourth spot.

Prince William was present at 104 engagements while Sophie, Countess of Wessex, attended 86 events.


Meanwhile, Duchess Camilla worked for 81 days. Kate Middleton also pulled off 79 engagements in 77 days.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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