Princess Anne Is Reportedly Furious With Queen Camilla for Dropping 'Consort' in Royal Title

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Credit: CBC News: The National/YouTube Screenshot

Princess Anne is reportedly livid that her sister-in-law Queen Camilla dropped the "consort" in her title. King Charles' wife became the queen consort when he ascended the throne but is called "Queen Camilla."

Princess Anne Reportedly Confronted Queen Camilla About Her Title

Ahead of King Charles' coronation, Princess Anne, 72, reportedly confronted Camilla, 75, at a celebratory dinner. Apparently, the way people addressed the latter as "Queen Camilla" didn't sit well with the Princess Royal.

Royal dressmaker David Emanuel, who designed Princess Diana's wedding dress, talked about the allegedly "highly charged" falling-out between King Charles' wife and sister.

Emanual said per New Idea:

"I heard that there was a dinner with which obviously the King and Camilla were there … Apparently, the Princess Royal said, ‘You’re not Queen, you’re the Queen’s consort.’"

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Meanwhile, sources told New Ideal that it would be unlikely for Princess Anne to "lash out like that." However, the tipster claimed that she's already fed up with Camilla and the change in title "ruffled Anne's feathers."

The sources said:

"Anne feels Camilla overstepped the mark ahead of the coronation by referring to herself simply as Queen. She showed no humility by dropping ‘consort’ and no-one knew she would be taking the full title of Queen since the late Queen’s announcement."

Sources said the issue wasn't about Princess Anne's loyalty to her mom but the protocol. Buckingham Palace had already updated Camilla's title on its website and called her "The Queen."

The tension between Princess Anne and Camilla was reportedly evident during the coronation. Camilla reportedly avoided Princess Anne, and they were not pictured together at the coronation, except for the family portrait.

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Princess Anne, Queen Camilla Have Mature Relationship, Expert Claims

Despite the various rumors about Princess Anne and Camilla's relationship, body language expert Judi James said the two female royals have a mature and affectionate bond.

James even claimed that the Queen's only daughter and daughter-in-law share a lot of things in common and enjoy each other's company.

James told Express about the pair:

"These two women share a love of horses and, famously, a taste in men, with the result being that they appear to have become quite close friends over the years."

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She added:

"They are sending out body language signals of a rather mature and affectionate relationship when they appear together in public. Their signals go beyond what would be required to be polite, with some continuation or prolonging signals suggesting they would like to be able to spend more time together, rather than just performing the cursory greeting rituals."

She also noted that Camilla rarely looked relaxed in public. However, she's at ease when she's with Princess Anne.


It was reportedly evident when both attended the memorial service. James said Camilla feels Princess Anne is her supporter and protector.

What's your take on Princess Anne and Camilla's relationship? Do you agree that there's a falling-out between the two?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Princess Anne and Queen Camilla.

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