Prince William’s Film Academy BAFTA Snubs Princess Diana’s Biopic Spencer

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Kristen Stewart’s Spencer, a biopic film that centers on Princess Diana’s struggle with her marriage with Prince Charles and the controversial affair was completely left out of Nomination at the BAFTA film academy, which is ironically headed by Prince William.

Kristen Stewart’s fans are outraged after her biopic film Spencer didn’t get any nominations at the BAFTA awards. Film critics have praised the former Twilight star Kristen Stewart for her performance as Princess Diana of Wales, a former member of the British Royal Family.

Spencer was nominated the same year for a Golden Globe, Critics Choice, Golden Lion, and a Venice Film Festival Green Drop award. The film also received 83% from Rotten Tomatoes, 6.8/10 in IMDB, and 76% for Metacritic.

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In an interview with BBC news while promoting the movie, Stewart described her connection to Princess Diana "I felt I wanted to protect her," she said. "I had to just not focus on other people's idea of her, and really focus on my own. And that in itself was just so distinct and specific to me,” furtherly explained the weight of responsibility playing the massively known public figure who has influenced many.

In an interview with Variety, Stewart discussed her preparations for the film:

“The script doesn’t profess to know anything, it doesn’t cover any black-and-white detail, but I read everything. And somehow, in a sort of abstract way, the script substantiated everything I learned in detail. So it was really nice that The Crown existed. And it was really nice that we’ve had all these documentaries and this evolved relationship with what happened.”

With the film’s preparations and Stewart’s dedication, fans protested on Twitter that Stewart’s performance was neglected. Considering her acting journey from Twilight to films like Still Alice, Underwater, and Seberg, the actress has really proven herself in the industry.

But Stewart wasn’t the only prestigious star snubbed by BAFTA, actors like Andrew Garfield, Olivia Colman, and Denzel Washington were also left out by the nominations. While the critically acclaimed Dune won multiple nominations like Best Score, Lady Gaga and Tessa Thompson were among the nominees for Best Actress and many more.

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