Prince William Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Grandson Criticized For Comment Over Europe's History; Kate Middleton's Husband Called 'Racist'

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Prince William is in hot water following his remarks about the history of war in Africa, Asia and Europe amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Several felt that Queen Elizabeth II's grandson and Kate Middleton's husband lack knowledge about the subject.

Prince William Raised Eyebrow After Saying There's More War In Africa And Asia Than In Europe

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London. Prince William and Kate Middleton chatted with the volunteers where the former made a remark about war amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.


"Britons were more used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia," Prince William said as quoted by the Independent. "It's very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you. We feel so useless."

Many didn't like Prince William's statement as he seemingly suggested that there were more wars in Asia and Africa than in Europe when it wasn't true.

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Royal correspondent Omid Scobie was among the first who immediately commented on Prince William's statement. According to the Finding Freedom co-author, he was not surprised with the backlash directed toward Prince William due to his "ignorant remark."

"Europe has seen some of the bloodiest conflict in the past two centuries—Balkans, Yugoslavia, Germany and Kosovo to name a few. But sure, let's normalise war and death in Africa and Asia," Scobie tweeted.

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"140,000 people were murdered in former Yugoslavia just three decades ago," Sam, co-founder of added. "Concentration camps, mass-killings, ethnic cleansing and mass graves. William’s late mother Diana was in Sarajevo in 1997 just three weeks before she was killed in that car crash. WTAF is he on about?"


"Can someone tell #PrinceWilliam that there have been plenty of war on European soil," another netizen wrote.

Another netizen said European conflicts happened before Prince William was alive. The netizen said Prince William's comment was "just bonkers." A different online user commented, saying he watched the news about Bosnia, Falkland, North Ireland, Crimea and more. "He should know better," the Twitter user added.

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Prince William Called Racist For Suggesting There's More War In Asia And Africa Than In Europe

Meanwhile, several netizens didn't just find Prince William's comment ignorant. For them, it was also "racist."

"Prince William’s comments are deeply offensive. He must apologise," tweeted Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, author of This Is Why I Resist. "This future King of England parrots racist rhetoric shamelessly. His caucacity after public backlash at Western media humanising White pain while dehumanising Black/Brown pain in #UkraineWar is a slap to our faces."

Another online user said it wasn't the "first racist remark" that Prince William allegedly made in public. A different netizen wondered if the Duke of Cambridge had issues with Africa because he allegedly "always has a negative comment to make about" the continent.


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"Both ignorant and racist really. The ignorance of one who does not understand their own racist position," another critic added.

Meanwhile, some mocked the Duke of Cambridge by bringing back his previous statement denying that the royal family is a racist clan.

"My family is very much NOT racist," Prince William previously said. "He just proved that they VERY MUCH are," the netizen added.

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Meanwhile, some also defended the future king. Severals said that those who came after the Duke of Cambridge misinterpreted his statement.

"It’s been taken out of context. He spoke about the unity between the European countries due this war. This has never been seen before," one wrote.

"The only actual quote I’ve seen does not mention Africa or Asia. If William didn’t mention them, and @Nadine_Writes editorialized, it will be outrageous," another added.

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