Prince William Shock: Kate Middleton's Husband Reportedly Disappoints BAFTAs Organizers After Skipping Event; Why Did Queen Elizabeth's Grandson Opt For A Virtual Appearance?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton did not attend the 2022 BAFTAs on Sunday. Their absence sparked various rumors and left the organizers very disappointed, according to reports.

Prince William Allegedly Left 2022 BAFTAs Organizers 'Very Disappointed'

Prince William has been the President of the British Academy of Film and Televisions Arts since February 2010. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been regular figures in the annual event. They didn't attend last year because it happened shortly after his grandfather Prince Philip's death.


However, the royal couple didn't attend the recently concluded ceremony over the weekend. Instead, he only made a virtual appearance via a pre-recorded video message to address the viewers.

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"Prince William is always a huge draw, not least as it's the first year back in person after the pandemic," a source told The Mirror. "But BAFTA were told that diary constraints precluded him from attending in person this year. It's such a shame and everyone is very disappointed."

In Prince William's 90-second video, he congratulated all the nominees and winners. He also gave a short explanation about this year's program.

"But BAFTA were told that diary constraints precluded him from attending in person this year. It's such a shame and everyone is very disappointed," Prince William was quoted by Daily Mail as saying. "One of these programmes is Breakthrough, a yearlong mentoring and guidance initiative which helps people achieve their true potential. It's wonderful that there are more than 30 participants from Breakthrough UK in the audience this evening."

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He mentioned Aleem Khan and Jessie Buckley as among the nominees for the awards night. He also made a shoutout to the young talents, including Bukky Bakray and Florence Pugh, Bukky Bakray and Florence Pugh, who were closely involved in BAFTA-nominated films.


"BAFTA hopes to inspire and support future generations from all walks of life to become the filmmakers of the future. And I hope that for some of you watching these awards, that journey starts today. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners and I wish you all a wonderful evening," he concluded.

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Why Did Prince William And Kate Middleton Skip The 2022 BAFTAs?

Prince William and Kate Middleton skipped the annual awards ceremony due to "diary constraints," Daily Mail reported. However, the decision raised many eyebrows, given the Duke of Cambridge's role as president of BAFTA.

According to the outlet, there were speculations that the 39-year-old royal felt it was uneasy to attend the event amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"William is President of BAFTA, so he would be expected to attend. He may consider it inappropriate because of what's happening in Ukraine, so no doubt he'll be criticized by both sides if he does or if he doesn't attend. He can't win. I personally hope he attends," one royal fan tweeted.

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Meanwhile, some claimed that the royal couple may have ended up with the decision of skipping the event as a stand against BBC, the network that broadcast the ceremony. The network's The Princes And The Press series allegedly accused the Cambridges of briefing the press against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

"'I’m puzzled that Prince William, President of BAFTA, has pulled out of tomorrow night’s glittering awards ceremony to be broadcast on the BBC, due to ‘diary constraints which precluded him from attending in person,’" Mail On Sunday's Amanda Platell wrote.

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"Surely, every royal’s diary is decided many months in advance. My guess is that after the Beeb’s appallingly biased The Princes And The Press series, presented by their bejewelled star Amol Rajan and accusing the Cambridges of briefing against the Sussexes, William decided on a no-show, except by video. Is this a sign of the royals ghosting the republican Beeb? If so, it’s not a moment too soon."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William, Kate Middleton and the rest of the members of the royal family.

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