Prince William Shock: Kate Middleton's Husband Blamed For Meghan Markle Leak, Allegedly Exposed Text Messages

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Prince William was responsible for the leaked text messages exposing Meghan Markle, according to royal experts. Many believed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge approved of Jason Knauf speaking against Prince Harry's wife in her legal battle against U.K. tabloid The Mail on Sunday.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Allegedly Agreed To Expose Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's legal battle with The Mail On Sunday continues after the latter filed for an appeal following the Duchess of Sussex's victory in February. On True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, Dickie Arbiter, who previously served as Queen Elizabeth's communications secretary from 1988 to 2000, was asked if Jason Knauf, Prince Harry and Markle's former aide asked for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's approval to release the text messages exposing Markle. Arbiter was positive that he did and Prince William approved it.


"I would put my money on it," he said on the show, as quoted by Suggest. "Lawyers from The Mail On Sunday would have approached Jason Knauf, knowing that these emails existed. That would have been the point. Most likely, Jason would have gone to William and Kate. He would not have cooperated with those lawyers without their definite knowledge."

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What Did Jason Knauf Say Against Meghan Markle In His Witness Statement

Jason Knauf, who previously worked for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, submitted his witness statement to the court. Initially, the court ruled in the duchess' favor. However, he released text messages with Markle where Prince Harry's wife expressed his frustrations over her father's non-stop interviews and the tension it was causing between Prince Harry and his family.

He also suggested that Markle knew her letter for her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., would be publicized. So she allegedly "crafted with readership by the public in mind."

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He added that Markle "asked me to review the text of the letter, saying 'obviously everything I have drafted is with the understanding that it could be leaked.'" Markle also allegedly asked him to address her father "Daddy" so that "in the unfortunate event that it leaked, it would pull at the heartstrings."


Andrew Caldecott, a lawyer for Mail on Sunday, argued that Markle's letter was not as "intimate" as she claimed and was not exclusive for her "father's eyes only."

Markle sued the tabloid for misuse of private information and copyright infringement.

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Prince William Didn't License Bullying Claims Against Sister-In-Lawe Meghan Markle

Many were also wondering if Prince William was involved when the news of Meghan Markle allegedly bullying her staff leaked. The Duchess of Sussex was accused of bullying two members of staff at Kensington Palace.

The Times journalist Valentine Low was asked by BBC presenter Amol Rajan about the issue on The Princes and the Press. Rajan asked Low if the Duke of Cambridge was involved in the leak by licensing the bullying allegations against his sister-in-law to leak.

"Absolutely not," Low said in the BBC documentary, as per Guardian.


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