Prince William Shock: Duke Of Cambridge Furious When Kate Middleton Romance Leaked During A Trip To Wales; 'Worried' For Girlfriend And Family

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Prince William and Kate Middleton were great friends before they started dating. It wasn't love at first sight for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Instead, it was a friendship that blossomed into romance. So, the future king was furious when an intimate moment of them was leaked.

Prince William Worried For Kate Middleton And Her Family When Royal Romance Leaked

In Channel 5's 2021 documentary William & Kate: Too Good To Be True, royal editor Rebecca England recounted the time when Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship leaked to the public. It happened when he took her on a ski trip and a paparazzi took a photo of them very close on a ski lift together.


"Unfortunately for them, a paparazzi photographer took pictures of William and Kate clearly very close on the ski lift together," England was quoted by Express as saying. "A red top tabloid newspaper slashed it all over their front page."

She added, "William was furious, and he was also genuinely worried for Kate and her family about what this would now mean for them."

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England added that at the time there were rumors that Middleton's mom tried to orchestrate their royal romance by ensuring that her daughter would attend St. Andrews where Prince William attended college. There were also speculations that Middleton got a poster of the royal prince on her wall at Marlborough College, which she denied.

"He wishes!" the Duchess of Cambridge said during their engagement interview while laughing. "No I had the Levi’s guy on my bedroom wall, not a picture of William. Sorry!"

According to the outlet, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started dating in 2003. However, their relationship remained a secret until 2004.

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Prince William Invoked An Eu Law To Protect Kate Middleton

Prince Harry released a statement when his royal romance with Meghan Markle went public because his then-girlfriend was exposed to various criticisms and harassment. Prince William did the same to protect the Duchess of Cambridge.

On Kate Middleton's 25th birthday, the paparazzi hounded her because there were rumors that he would propose to her. There were about 30 paparazzi waiting outside Middleton's flat, which left Prince William "angry" and prompted him to issue a statement to stop harassing his girlfriend.

He also reportedly invoked a law to protect Middleton.

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"If you're William, you'd seen your mother basically pursued down the high street by photographers. That would have left a scar on him, it was certainly having an effect on him," former editor of The Sun Kelvin MacKenzie explained per Express.

"He wants to protect her, so he effectively invokes the law, there's a European Court of Human Rights law saying everybody has a right to privacy. And he invoked that on Kate's behalf."

Prince William and Kate Middleton are now happily married with three children — Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6 and Princess Louis, 3. They will celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary next month.

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