Prince William, Prince Charles Shock: Prince Of Wales And Duke Of Cambridge Reportedly Had Conflict Over The Middleton Family

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Prince William grew up in a broken family, and several royal biographers claimed that he found solid support and somewhat a family of his own when he met Kate Middleton's parents. According to a report, the Duke of Cambridge's relationship with his in-laws took a toll on his bond with his dad, Prince Charles.

Prince William And Prince Charles Reportedly Had An 'Explosive Row' Over The Middletons

Prince William and Prince Harry were reportedly closer to each other than to their dad, Prince Charles. That's why many are invested in the royal siblings' rumored feud. However, at one point, the Duke of Cambridge's relationship with Kate Middleton's family reportedly became an issue to his own father.


According to Rebecca English's article in Daily Mail, Prince Charles loves both of his sons deeply. However, he is reportedly "scarred by his own emotionally difficult childhood." In addition, he is a workaholic with his diary organized six or seven months in advance, making him unable to attend birthday parties of his grandchildren and Prince William and Kate Middleton was reportedly not that understanding initially.

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Prince William "gravitated towards his 'surrogate family'" — the Middletons. However, his tight relationship with them left Prince Charles "bruised." The Prince of Wales reportedly felt he was "airbrushed out of his life."

"Explosive rows between father and son were often overheard by staff, with Charles — who hates family confrontations — burying himself in his paperwork to avoid the conflict," English wrote.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their firstborn, Prince George, there were rumors that the couple was more inclined toward Michael and Carole Middleton when it came to their child. However, Prince Charles told a confidant that he sees his grandchild as much as he can within the constraints.

The Prince of Wales has seemingly succeeded in working out his relationship with his eldest son and grandchildren. Earlier this month, Prince Louis was seen sitting on his lap during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, which showed the grandfather and grandson's close bond.

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How's Prince William And Prince Charles' Relationship

Prince William and Prince Charles are closer today than ever before. The father and son, who are both in line to the throne, have supported the Queen together through a series of huge royal decisions, Mirror reported.

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince of Wales were on the same page when it came to the conditions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new, non-royal lives and stripping Prince Andrew of his royal titles. Both were also reportedly against Prince Andrew escorting the Queen during Prince Philip's memorial service in March.

According to royal biographer Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers, Prince Charles was closer to Prince Harry. However, the Duke of Sussex's royal exit paved the way for Prince Charles to become closer to Prince William.

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"Harry going has made them inevitably closer, which is ironic because Charles was much closer to Harry. They had a very warm relationship," Brown told Page Six. "It’s very upsetting to Charles apparently. He’s been distraught about the fraying of the relationship. He’s been very, very sad. He’s been very hurt by Harry."

Brown also mentioned the conflict between the two heirs. However, she stressed that Prince Charles and Prince William's tight relationship at present is evident as they worked together toward the same goal — preparing the monarchy after the 96-year-old Queen's reign.


"There has been tension between William and Charles because the fact is Charles feels competitive with William. William has been OK with Camilla, but there was obviously an overhang from the past," the author added. "He's much closer to Charles now because essentially they're together now trying to figure out what happens after the Queen dies."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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