Prince William, Kate Middleton Shock: Cambridge Pair Gave Shocking Response To Prince Harry’s Statement About Queen Elizabeth? Duke Of Sussex Reportedly Sparked Speculations Post-Interview

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Prince William and Kate Middleton recently stepped out for another joint royal engagement. The couple visited the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) headquarters on Friday. Following their royal outing, a reporter candidly asked the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to comment on Prince Harry's interview, which aired earlier this week.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Refused To Comment On Prince Harry’s Interview

While speaking with Today host Hoda Kotb, Prince Harry talked about his visit to Queen Elizabeth. He also said that he is making sure that his grandmother is protected and has the right people around her. However, the Duke of Sussex did not elaborate on what exactly he meant with his statement.


But when the reporter asked Prince William and Middleton if they believe that the queen needed protection, the royal refused to acknowledge the question and walked away. The royal family typically follows the queen’s mantra of “never complain, never explain,” and this is what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did.

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Prince Harry Refused To Reveal Whether He Misses Prince Charles, Prince William Or Not

In an article for Town & Country, royal expert Victoria Murphy said that Prince Harry’s cryptic statement about Her Majesty left royal experts and royal fans speculating on what he truly meant by it. She also said that the biggest takeaways from the interview came from the things that the Duke of Sussex refused to answer like when he was asked if he misses Prince Charles and Prince William.


“The biggest insights of the interview were found in what Harry didn’t say. When he was asked about whether he misses his brother and father, his total avoidance of the question and change of subject made it very clear that there are still significant bridges to be built there. His somewhat confusing statement that he wanted to make sure the Queen 'is protected and has got the right people around her' mostly shone a light on his own apparent feelings of disquiet about who influences his grandmother. And when the Prince said that, for now, home for him is 'in the States,' what that means about his future in the UK did not need to be spelled out,” Murphy wrote.

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Prince Harry’s Statement About Queen Elizabeth’s Protection Made Headlines

The BBC has also been speculating on what Prince Harry’s comment about the queen’s protection and having the right people around her meant. They said that this could signify problems with the monarch’s health or that she has been getting bad advice from her palace aides.


ITV also thinks that the comment has something to do with the queen’s decision to be escorted by Prince Andrew at Prince Philip’s memorial service.

And the New York Times believes that the statement may something to do with Prince Charles taking over the queen’s royal duties.

“While Buckingham Palace is loath to acknowledge it, the British monarchy has assumed the characteristics of a regency, with Charles fulfilling many of his mother’s public duties as her proxy. That gave Harry’s comment particular piquancy since it suggested she was vulnerable to manipulation,” the publication said.

Prince Charles, Prince William Might Not Reconcile With Prince Harry Ahead Of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Following the interview, royal author Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that Prince Harry wants to reconcile with Prince Charles and Prince William before the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. However, royal correspondent Robert Jobson said that Prince Charles won’t likely reciprocate his son’s wishes.


“Prince Charles has reached the end of his tether, they haven't been in contact. and had they started blurting about that meeting, that would have been the end of it. All families have problems, but you don't go blurting off to your next-door neighbor as soon as you've had a meeting. Prince Charles thought if these conversations are out in public then I'm not putting up with it and he's drinking at the last chance saloon,” he said (via Daily Mail).

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