Prince William Heartbreak: Kate Middleton’s Husband Dodged Princess Diana’s Call? Second In Line To The Throne Reportedly Struggled After Mom’s Panorama Interview Aired

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Prince William and Princess Diana had a wonderful relationship. While she was still alive, the mother and son were oftentimes photographed hanging out in public. Even though it was uncommon for members of the royal family to show affection decades ago, the Princess of Wales was an exception to the rule. She was very touchy-feely with her sons and she also tried to raise Prince William and Prince Harry as normal as possible.

But there was a time in Prince William’s life when he became distant from his mother. According to royal author Tina Brown, the Duke of Cambridge also refused to take Princess Diana’s call after one harrowing incident.

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Prince William Upset Over Princess Diana’s Panorama Interview

In 1995, Princess Diana sat down for an interview with Martin Bashir where she talked about her marriage to Prince Charles. She also confirmed Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ affair on top of her admission regarding her eating disorder. The interview made front-page news because Princess Diana’s revelations shocked millions of royal fans.

At the time, Prince William was already a teenager and he was badly affected by what he saw on television. So, when Princess Diana tried to contact him, he refused to pick up his mom’s call.

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Prince William Broke Down In Tears After Seeing Princess Diana’s Interview

In the book, The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor - The Truth, and Turmoil, Brown revealed that Prince William cried after seeing Princess Diana’s interview with Bashir.


“William, who had watched the interview in his Eton housemaster’s study, told a classmate that as soon as he saw his mother’s face appear on the screen for the interview, he was overcome with a feeling of dread. By the time the housemaster, Andrew Gailey, returned to his study to collect William, he found him slumped on the sofa, his eyes red with tears. He pulled himself together to rush back to his room. But when, an hour later, Diana telephoned on the house phone, William refused to take the call. Diana was convinced he would never forgive her. She kept asking Simone Simmons [the princess’s psychic], ‘What have I done to my children?’” she wrote (via Express).

According to reports, Princess Diana’s interview aired on Monday. And Prince William returned to Kensington Palace from school at the end of the week, and he was still cold and distant.

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Princess Diana Tried To Console Prince William But He Refused

In royal author Robert Lacey’s book, he described Prince William as incensed.


“All hell broke loose. He was furious that she had spoken badly of his father, furious that she had mentioned Hewitt. He started shouting and crying and when she tried to put her arms around him, he shoved her away,” Lacey said.

But just one day later, Prince William came to his senses and apologized to Princess Diana. He reportedly gave his late mother a bouquet of flowers, but the Princess of Wales couldn’t help but think that irretrievable damage had already been done.

Prince William Released Statement On Princess Diana’s Panorama Interview

Even after his death, Princess Diana’s interview with Bashir is still widely talked about. Last year, it was revealed that the late royal was tricked into giving the interview after she was told that the media paid her palace staff to provide them with information about her personal life.


Prince William released a statement condemning what Bashir and the BBC did to his late mother.

“It is my view that the deceitful way the interview was obtained substantially influenced what my mother said,” he said (via Reuters).

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