Prince Harry, William Shock: BBC Documentary About British Princes Flooded With Complaints For Allegedly Being 'Biased'

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Prince Harry and Prince William's relationship with the media had been covered in BBC's new documentary The Princes and the Press. However, many were not impressed because they felt that it wasn't presented fairly. Some audiences felt that it was biased.

Prince Harry And Prince William New BBC Documentary Allegedly Bias

The second episode of the two-part documentary was released Monday. However, it didn't calm royal fans who felt that the show attacked the members of the firm. Many took to Twitter and criticized it because, for them, the show was "biased."


"The only thing the BBC didn’t do on their clearly bias show was interview H and M rescue dogs,cause let’s be honest they let EVERYONE and a lawyer have their say. What a joke!#theprincesandthepress #yourbiasisshowing #DefundTheBBC," one tweeted.

"#theprincesandthepress what a good example of confirmation bias… the people who believed Meghan 17 lies in the Oprah interview have swallowed whole the skewed stuff in this programme," another wrote.

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Among the reasons many felt that the show was biased was because it was presented by Amol Rajan. He is a republican and had several hate tweets against the royal family in the past. He has been one of the royal family's public critics.

In his past commentaries, he called Prince William and Kate Middleton "total fraud." He also slammed Prince Charles for being a "scientifically illiterate" and described Prince Philip as a "racist buffoon." Due to Rajan's not-so-great history with the royal family, several questioned the impartiality of the details presented on the show.

"#DefundTheBBC needs to be trending! They are so biased having an anti-monarchy presenter conducting the #ThePrincesAndThePress programme! Why are we still funding this stupid company ill never know!!!" a third user tweeted.

"Have you seen all those comments? He admitted to being a Republican, his many hate tweets against the Royal Family & he presents #theprincesandthepress as a fair unbiased documentary!" another wrote, seemingly not impressed at the reports of Rajan apologizing over the issue.

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BBC Presenter Of Prince Harry, Prince William Documentary Already Apologized

The complaints against the documentary have reached Amol Rajan's attention. He took to Twitter Thursday and addressed the issue. He didn't deny the hate comments against the royal family and apologized for it.

According to him, there were "reasonable questions" about some "foolish commentary" he made in the past. He said he was sorry for what he had done.

"I want to say I deeply regret it. I wrote things that were rude and immature and I look back on them now with real embarrassment and ask myself what I was thinking, frankly," Rajan wrote.

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"I would like to say sorry for any offence they caused then or now. I’m completely committed to impartiality and hope our recent programmes can be judged on their merits."

Rajan's post received mixed responses from the netizens. Several continued to question his impartiality. However, many also showed their support to him.


According to @brit1chick, he is a "very impressive journalist." She also encouraged Rajan not to change anything.

Another complimented The Princes and the Press, saying it was an "excellently researched and balanced" show that was longtime overdue.

Meanwhile, some questioned if he only apologized because he would be losing his job. Another also said they are no longer interested in supporting any project that involves the broadcaster.

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