Prince Harry Fury: Thomas Markle Sr. Received 'Very Strong', 'Upsetting' Text From Meghan Markle's Husband

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not on speaking terms with the Markle family, including her dad. In 2019, five women from the duchess' inner circle spoke with People about her relationship with her dad Thomas Markle Sr. However, the latter denied the allegations against him in a recent court hearing.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Shock: Thomas Markle Sr Never Ignored His Daughter


Meghan Markle's friends spoke with People two years ago and slammed her dad, Thomas Markle Sr. Markle's father. In several interviews, the duchess dad said that he tried to contact his daughter but couldn't reach her.

The Duchess of Sussex's pals said he knew how to get in touch with his daughter, but he allegedly never called and never texted.

"It’s super-painful," they said.

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Markle's pals alleged that he gave her the cold shoulder days before her royal wedding. However, in a recent court hearing, Andrew Caldecott, who represents Associated Newspapers, read the text messages he sent his daughter to correct the People magazine's article painting him as someone who "heartlessly ignored his daughter."

Apparently, Thomas Sr. had been updating Prince Harry and Markle about his condition. He got heart surgery in the run-up of the royal wedding and informed them ahead of time that he couldn't travel for the wedding per his doctor's advice. But he expressed his willingness to go still, if they really needed him.

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"I’m getting excited, it’s all so close now, I can’t wait to walk you down the aisle," his text for Markle read before he was hospitalized.

"Surgery went OK. Heart attack did some damage. But the doctor won’t allow me to fly so, of course, I’m sorry I can’t come. Love you and wish you the best of everything," his other text to the duchess on May 16, just three days before the wedding, read.

The following day, he sent another message to his daughter asking him who would replace his role because Thomas Sr. was supposed to be the one to give Markle away.

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"Who will give you away? I will come if you really need me. I’m sorry about this," he texted Markle.

The legal counsel said the portrayal of Thomas Sr. as someone who gave his daughter the cold shoulder in the run-up of her big day was "pretty extreme."

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Thomas Markle Sr. Allegedly Received An Upsetting Text From Prince Harry

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex seemed to be unhappy with Thomas Markle Sr.'s decision to cancel his attendance at their wedding day. According to Markle's dad, he received a "very strong" text from Prince Harry. The said message was not read out in court. It reportedly left Thomas Sr. "upset," especially because he was "alone in the hospital having just had a heart procedure" when he read it.

"The texts in which he tells his daughter he’s unwell, and all the affectionate texts from him up to the wedding, are all ignored in the judge’s summary [which handed victory to Meghan in the privacy case in February]," Caldecott said.

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"They are critical to understanding why Mr. Markle felt the suggestion he had been ignoring his daughter and not told her why he couldn’t come to the wedding is central to the story."

The QC said the February ruling had been "one-sided," and the texts are important to establish the father and daughter's relationship at the time. Thomas told his daughter and Prince Harry about his health condition, but the reports claimed that he just ignored her.

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Stay tuned to keep updated about Meghan Markle's relationship with his dad.