Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle's Husband Criticized For Skipping Prince Philip's Memorial But Attending Invictus Games In Netherlands

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Prince Harry confirmed that he would not be returning to the United Kingdom this month, suggesting that he would not attend his grandfather Prince Philip's memorial service on March 29. However, several were not pleased with the announcement, with some slamming him for missing a family event but not the scheduled Invictus Games.

Prince Harry Slammed For Skipping Prince Philip's Memorial

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed that they would not be attending Prince Philip's memorial service later this month.


"The Duke will not be returning to the UK in late March, but hopes to visit his grandmother as soon as possible," a Sussex spokesperson told Page Six.

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The news wasn't well-received by royal fans, especially after learning that he would be skipping his grandfather's memorial while gearing up for the Invictus Games in The Hague next month.

"It is such a shame that he will miss his grandfather's memorial service. It was supposed to be a time for the family to all come together to remember a great man," an unnamed source told The Sun (via Express). "It was also hoped that the Queen would meet his daughter Lilibet for the first time and that would make it even more of a special occasion. Now, none of that will go ahead - yet he is willing to travel to Holland for the Invictus Games, which is only 300-miles away. It will certainly raise eyebrows and most probably hurt feelings."

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Prince Harry Slammed For Orange Stunt While Promoting Invictus Game

The Duke of Sussex wore an orange outfit to promote the upcoming Invictus Games to be held in the Netherlands in April. However, his latest stunt received mixed responses. Some loved it, but the royal fans gave it thumbs down.


"Orange being the color for royalty in the Netherlands, the heir/heiress is known as prince/princess of Orange, equivalent to Phe prince of Wales. Is it a diplomatic faux-pas? Is he making fun of the Royal Family over there?" one netizen asked per

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Another user was hoping it was just a joke. The netizen wrote, "Please tell me this is a spoof and not the beloved PH. Actually, I take it back. It's him & it's for the Invictus Games."

Meanwhile, royal biographer Angela Levin also criticized Meghan Markle's husband's orange stunt. "If Harry thought his orange stunt was funny. It's not," she said.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Philip's memorial service and Prince Harry's Invictus Games.

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